Michigan "Hate" Week

Typically we don't have "Hate Week" threads unless its Auburn or Tennessee but I thought given the fact its been 9 months since we've had real football, we are all hard up like 60 year old virgin and given RBR's history with Michigan Blogs, a good ole fashion hate thread would be a good idea.

Now the idea isn't to "Hate" in a offensive way (no using of gay slurs and the like) and I'll even say "Hate" is a strong word here BUT this is Michigan, they are in the B1G, the last time we played them THIS happened, and plus they think they are the greatest program ever cause they have a lot of wins...So for that I think there is more then enough reasons to Hate 'em. Just remember all this is in good fun and not meant to hurt feelings. So if you're a UM fan don't get all butt hurt, m'kay.

First of Meechegan, your colors are Blue and YELLOW. F'off with this "maize" bull crap. It's YELLOW. My three year old knows this. Making up a color just to sound cool is the most Meeechegan thing ever.

Y'all need to stop talking about Tom Brady. You made him sit the bench for almost 3 years. He succeeded in-spite of you. Get over it.

You are not better than anything. You can claim we oversign and I can call you an elitist Yankee douche. We use to over-sign...y'all are still elitist Yankee douches.

Speaking of elitist Yankee douche...What's up with that? So because you were born a couple miles north of my home town that some how makes you a better person? Hardly. I've been to your state and have met your people...not exactly something I'd boast about but that's just me. Plus you're basically Canadians....[shivers]

Oh yeah and the B1G being the moral superiority of all's that crow taste? Hopefully salty.

And finally, I know its been quite a few years but hey MGOBLOG....please die in a fire. That is all.

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