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POLL: Which Personnel Grouping Most Needs Improvement?

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I only expect perfection. Nothing more, nothing less.
I only expect perfection. Nothing more, nothing less.

We've got two weeks worth of games under our belt: one against a traditional Big Ten powerhouse, another against a feisty Sun Belt upstart. On paper, there's not much to complain about seeing as we defeated Michigan 41-14 and Western Kentucky 35-0. You've outscored your first two opponents 76-14 while pitching one shutout and more or less shutting the mighty Denard Robinson down. Nick Saban, however, has turned us all into cold-blooded robots where we demand perfection and aren't satisfied unless we get it (and then we're only satisfied for 48 hours.)

There have been small cracks in the armor though: we've surrendered eight sacks (some because of line play, some for holding the ball too long), we got torched on a couple of deep passes against Michigan, we couldn't seem to stop the short crossing routes of Western Kentucky, the punter dropped a snap (though thankfully he was able to convert it into a first down), etc. Obviously, breakdowns happen and no one's perfect and some of this is nitpicky, but neither Saban nor the players would claim this team is perfect or doesn't have room for improvement...hence today's poll question: Which personnel grouping has the most room for improvement after two games?