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It's Meltdown Time! | Week Three

Meltdown Time is back thanks to the submissions of the following users: MattRP, Lonemdg, The Good Doc, Darth Saban, Smashedants, bammer, DennyChimes,CrimsonTide92, and Tadpole. You should all give them a big round of applause for doing the digging that is keeping Meltdown Time possible.

As always, you should in no way continue on after the jump if you are offended by profanity or vulgarity of any type. Seriously. Just don't do it. With that warning, get ready for some meltdowns from Tennessee, Arkansas, Southern Cal, and Auburn (who actually won, but LOL at them anyway).

I've decided that when I die, I'd like the UT football team to lower me into the ground...that way they can let me down, one last time.

*insert long string of profanity here*

Just shoot me and end this nightmare

bahahaha. This is embarrassing at this point. "its great to be a tennessee fan" said no one ever

Call me a fair weather fan but this is why I quit going to games. The money is better spent on family vacations.

Our All American Hypesman candidate gets destroyed by a former high schooler on his second start.....

Next time Gameday wants to come to knoxville....just shoot them.


Loser. Pure and simple. He can take his smug a$$ out of Knoxville tonight for all i care.

I just want to throw up

We stink. Fire that crappy Doolittle NOW !!!

He is making Zook look like Lomardi.

This team is so ****ing heartless. The first all castrato football team.

Double dose of Vicodin for me tonight.

oh GOD we still have to play 'Bama this year!

But he wears orange pants and Nick Saban said he was good!

We should hire Joker. I guarantee you he'd do better with this roster.

just glad we aren't playing ULM this year.

Can we switch to the Ohio Valley Conference?

Ohio Valley!?!? I was thinking more Pop Warner

Somewhere...out the darkness......Phil Fulmer is smiling.

This just in, the team that rushes 300 yards in a game 100 percent of the time wins every time

I don't think patience pays off when you made the wrong decision to begin with

Why is he the head coach at this premiere program? Nothing stands out in this man’s resume other than his fathers legacy. Nothing at all. You might as well hire Donald Trump or Chuck Norris’s kid. Take applications for the job and you will find a great coach. UT is a dream job. Dooley is a chemistry killer.

Pass the Jim Jones Dool-aid

Dooleyball is really getting old. After a shelacking tonight by a mediocre gator team at home......its not gonna be a good season for certain.

Out coached and out played again.

I'm turning this debacle off and watching some baseball. This is terrible.

I have been a Vol fan since 1957. I am done. All I get for my loyalty are sad, sad performances like this game. This team has no talent - at all (super heros dropping passes that would extend passes that hit him flat in the chest, a quarterback who completes 80% of his passes against chumps, hitting UT receivers at a rate of about 40%, but Gator defenders at a greater rate. The "improved" offensive line not only still could not run block over a grade school team, but now allows Bray to get pressured on about 50% of his pass attempts. As to a defense... well there is none. Florida is running up and down the field against air. The Vols are so bad that the kickers look like the best part of the team. For all of you who can stay loyal after this, good luck. See if you can stick it with this bunch of bums as long as I did. Goodbye, Vols.

I'm done with Tennessee football. Dooley is a joke. Adios

Okay...I'm putting out the over/under on the BAMA game. 76! Bama scores at least 70 of those.

he only way we have a chance of beating Bama is if they have to forfeit the game due to rules violations.....I mean, not that they'd ever do that...

8 in a pathetic is that?

We'll get em next yr. right???


says I to my wife " How can these guys looks so good , then look sooooooo bad ? ". Says she, " Apparently it is not so difficult. " She hit it on the head

Where are all the Doolaid Drinkers?

This team can kiss my #$%! See ya Dooley! Losers least I can still look forward to basketball season!

We'll win 7 or 8, but only b/c UK can't even handle W KY, and we play freaking Troy. I don't even know where Troy is (sure it's not the one in Italy)

Why do they even televise this game every yr. and call it a rivalry?

UT's rivals are Miss St. Vandy and Kentucky now.

FIRE Dooley ASAP. Bench Bray and Hire DC Coach Sunseri for Head Coach

What I want to know is why is everyone just taking it? Why are the fans not booing? If the fans don't send a message, it won't get fixed.

Apparently, the entire University and Coaching Staff has forgotten the proud history and expectations of the UT Football program. No one is going to hold them accountable because all we have are Dooley Lovers who bash those that question his CHOKING! He is not the guy! He is not the guy! Even if we score and get 2 Onside Kicks, he is NOT the guy! He will never be the guy! Chaney is HORRID! We have been embarrassed again and I have news for you. It is not FULMER's or KIFFIN's fault!

Beating also-rans is not good enough. Fire them all, but Sunseri (he gets 1 more shot) and suspend football for the rest of 2012. Hart needs to publicly apologize to the University, the fans, the State of Tennessee, to ESPN, and to the United States of America.

If the loss in Lexington did not convince you, then nothing will.

Call me a negavol. Call me whatever. I have put so much time and effort in believing in CDD. I have defended him time and time again. I really like the guy as a person. But I'm out of gas guys. I spent $400 on tonight's game. I spent 10 hrs. I spent an entire off-season. I give up. I'm sorry. 8 years is just too damn many. I love you guys. I love my Vols. But I need a break. And we need a new coach.

Maybe one day we'll have a coach worth a damn and a team that has some pride and ability.

I honestly just don't care about this team anymore. They gave up tonight trying to figure out why I shouldn't too.

Bray took a huge step back, he was lost in the second half

As much as I hate to admit, he's made a living of beating up on the sisters of the poor.

Kirby Smart countdown thread

This job is not that great anymore, which sucks. Have to get rid of at least the HC and OC though. The way this team has played, you know they will lose to at least one team they shouldn't and won't upset anyone either

won't be anybody at neyland. i haven't been there in 4 years. won't be coming back untill the university actually acts like it wants to win.

Dooley has more receptions than Justin Hunter this quarter

I hate college football.

I'm gonna go drown in Jack and Ice Cream.

It burns. My eyes are burning while watching this.

We really need to figure out this whole kicking footballs thing.

God I'm so butthurt right now. My abs hurt from yelling at Teague's slaw ass all second half. Congrats, UF... If you haven't heard any of the announcers recently, you've now beat us eight straight.

i could feel the hopes and dream of east tennessee deflating in Neyland. that was a nightmare.

I would give a testical for a K, P, and for M Teague to be working at Burger King instead of stinking up Neyland every Saturday

Well its been real guys, see you at the liberty bowl

We just collapsed like f***ing JENGA

Yelling so much my voice just quit halfway through another string of "damn damn damn damn".

bray has caught tennessee headcaseitis

We aren't any good guys. Lets face it. This isn't the 90s

absolutely pitifall

$3.50 gas and 8-4 football,the new normal

You got the gas right, 8-4 is shooting to high

8-4? I hope that doesn't mean you are going to start cheering for another team. 6-7 is the new normal now

any bridge jumpers tonight?

hopefully our team

This has got to be a nightmare that we will wake up from. Spurier, Zook, Meyer and now Muschamp. Tennessee, who's your daddy?

Ive talked to much s*%t to lose this game, come on VOLS

You really should know better after all these years. I kept my mouth shut. I'm glad I did.

Tennessee, the new Ole Miss.

You're gone. You better start praying Nick Saban can find a job for you as his errand boy next year because that's as good as it's going to get. Even the WAC is too good for you now.

Dooley comes through again with the half time adjustment..for the other team

think im going to watch an adult movie, at least i know it has a happy ending

Lol maybe we should switch to the ACC?

Bray comes up small in big games. Dooley obviously hands out weed brownies at halftime. Hunter and Patterson can't make easy catches. And that vaunted D can't stop this pathetic Florida offense.

we're the gas pumpers now.

There's no way they're two touchdowns better than us

Exactly, they still have time to score two more.

So, are we still storming the field?

looks like somebody spent a little bit to much time hot rodding sea-doos and throwing beer botles this summer

Is it wrong to hope we get killed from here on out in an effort to get Dooley fired?

Alabama is going to be absolutely ****ing brutal.

I have my three friends with me. Jose, Jack, and Jim. We're fixin' to have us a good night.

Next time Gameday wants to come to knoxville....just shoot them.

Somebody notify KPD that the goal posts are safe.

I blame Satan

Best pass of this dooley

Is the crowd booing yet?

Yes, from the ramps leaving the stadium

still trying to figure out how you have a young team with long way to go for four years.

This team is so ****ing heartless. The first all castrato football team.

Double dose of Vicodin for me tonight.

hey guy remember that time we were in the top 25... those were good

......and oh GOD we still have to play 'Bama this year!

after 8 years of this (and other things) i'm beginning to appreciate how vandy fans feel.

Mizzou and Miss St could easily beat this UT team...Please remember something, We have not beaten a spread option team since the offense was invented...You think UF got a lot of rushing yards against us wait until those two get ahold of us.

Read a story last year, Smart asked Sabban what he thought about the Ole Miss job and Sabban said wait another year and the UT job is his.

throw some money at Satan himself. We would get the king of coach we need and bama would implode.

The fanbase has the same attitude. Losers on the team. Losers in the stands. I've seen some sorry football and some sorry fans over the last few years at UT.

Hamilton was willing to open the checkbook and pay big, but no one wanted this dumpster fire.

Avoiding facts is pretty much the only way to convince ourselves Dooley can still win.

The Dooley sheep are hilarious. We're now excited to be "dominant" against NC State and Akron. We don't even compete against SEC teams anymore. What's funny is that the "negavols" have been saying the exact same things for three years's the Dooley sheep that keep changing their excuses. That's right sheep...Michael Jackson and Jerry Sandusky weren't touching kids, Whitney Houston wasn't smoking crack, it has just been made up for years because people are "just so negative!". Idiots.

You guys are right. DD is awesome and we should accept being a little better than Vandy and Ky. We shouldn't look at our coaches resume that he earned. We should just shut up and accept his mommies rants on the radio that DD is the best coach in America. We've paid him millions for back to back losing seasons but do to a weaker schedule this year we'll probably get to a toilet bowl this year and y'all can proclaim him the best ever. Losers are losers.

we hired a wac coach with a career losing record that has continued to suck it up ever since he has been at ut, hes run off all the assistants and replaced our defensive cord with a line coach just because he worked at alabama. now we have an ad that came from alabama and an idiot from ga coaching our team. no wonder we are bad weve filled our system with inbred stupidity.

I'd only support going after Rich Rod if it means he backs out late and we hire someone like Saban. Hart knows how bama does it

What NFL team is going to draft a qb whose resume only includes wins over the Buffalo and Georgia St's of the world and has the mental toughness of a 9 year old beauty contestant who just lost her lucky pink bow and folds like a cheap lawn chair when the first sign of adversity strikes?

not really that violent, but i'd love to shove danielson's nose down his throat

These refs are giving us the shaft again. F#<% them.

CBS = Crimsontide Broadcasting System

Crimson Butt Sniffers

Someone wake me when Saban puts their cheerleaders in. I wanna see a skirted hotty stiff arm our LB's.

When you only pass when the white guy who can't pass is in, you tend to give your strategy away quickly.

Wet football? Water in his eyes? Momma was a mean biotch? God hates the Hogs? Saban hates the Hogs? D stands for Disaster in Ark? Bobby would have struggled with this team? what is a good excuse?

I'm numb....not drunk..not high....just numb. And I haven't raided any medicine cabinet yet.

Hate to say it, but I'll be perusing other games to watch so I don't have a stroke.

It's raining.....a rainbow should show up later. I like rainbows.

My wife loves me...she just brought me more beer.

Don't we have ANYONE else who can play QB?

Paul would do us all a favor if he calls the sideline wipe out smith route....looks like an accident

I can see how JLS ended up filing for bankruptcy. He might be a nice guy, but he's about 1,000 Cokes short of a case.

This all started with an erection. Our AD never expected an erection. He wasn't ready to replace an erection. He failed to plan for that. So he hired a fellow who makes a Houston Nutt interview look sane.

Great. We're finally rid of T-Rich and Lacy looks like even more of a beast than he did. just gotta lay down and bleed.

How do we contact Jeff Long? This is pay week and I could afford an ad in the paper...

All mind altering drugs should be allowed in the state of Arkansas until at least November. Call it a law of mercy for the suffering.

HIRE NUTT!!!! Good god, this is embarassing

If we make it to 7-5, I'll devour a live donkey.

Is that place in Waco still open? I feel the need to join.

Harvey Updyke poisoned our stadium.

I just burned a couch ... And I am not ashamed.

2012 Moral Champs.

Jesus hates Arkansas.

What do Tenpenny and Henry think when watching this crap?

I said 7 wins before the season started. Really had my head in the clouds, then.

Tyler Wilson appears to be the only good player on this team.

Gary danielson has dookie boogers from brown nosing saban

And I thought I wanted to throwup last week

Thank you Jeff Long for firing our coach for what got Bill Clinton re-elected!

I'm tempted to actually go buy one of those integrity shirts wipe my ass with it.

I will be tuned in to LaTech the rest of the season. I love the Hogs too much to watch the train wreck that is Razorback football

Integrity...yeah...great. Too bad we suck ditchwater.

Going over to my mom's house to raid her medicine cabinet....anybody besides me want a pill?

Somebody grab the lube.

All the money in jerry jones bank acct wouldnt get saban out of bama into our cluster f%#k situation right now

What a joke this team is. I don't care whos fault it is. It is a disgrace to the university, the fans and the razorback brand. I will not post or support this team anymore this year. My hog shirts and hats are going in the closet til bball season gets here, as I'm tired of being heckled by opposing fans where I go. Peace out LOSERS. I HOPE THEY HANG 60 ON THE HOGS AND SHUT THEM OUT!

To quote my dad who also has the initials JLS " I would rather be bit in the butt by a buck tooth rattlesnake" than watch these guys play and coach!!

forfiet and keep the score at 38-0

This team has NO toughness, Need new coaches and I dont care how much i here about our strength coach, CAN him too! WE are pansies in a mens game out there, TOP TO BOTTOM BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL! THIS IS COACHING LONG, NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS! Allen is not the quarterback of the future, believe it or watch another tough year next year, Bamma brought their C GAME TODAY and we made it look like their AA++ GAME, HORRIBLE!


I just did the sock thing! GO HOGS!

Sock thing DEFINITELY doesn't work. WPS



Just got back from the Bama game. I am now pro-choice because aborting that game would have been the right thing to do.

I'm so glad we hired a comedian as a football coach, instead know... a football coach.


Fuck it. Shoulda gone hunting.

Well.... I bet a guy $50 that we'll lose by at least 30..... so now I have beer money! Time to drink that pain away....

When did the wheels fall off you ask?

Well the wheels didn't fall off, so much as they left the pavement back in April...

Remember when we were ranked as the #4 party school. It's because shit like this happens so we get together and try to drink it away.

Good news everyone, my connection to the live stream crapped out so I don't have to watch the rest of this bullshit.


I'm just slamming jack off the bottle now. god damn...we are ruined.

I'm praying to every deity I can think of that Arky can salvage 3 wins.


Well, at least we're still the No. 1 party school in the SEC

Arkansas is now and perhaps for some time, the Lindsey Lohan of college football.

As it stands now we get to pretend for another 50 years that we won the National Title in 1964 and hire the next Houston Nutt.

with out bobby i knew we were in for a long season \ for arkansas it is not the end of the world \ but you can see it from there

There is clarity though, I see no coach returning next year and at least five years before we are competitive again....maybe by then Sabin will have retired...cause we sure can't beat him!

Im thinking the Bring back the Blonde, repair the motorcycle and have Bobby back on the sideline ASAP!!!! I mean really.

Time to quit blaming the AD. Last time I checked, he wasn't the guy getting action on the side and making us all out to be idiots for believing him.

I think what we are seeing is a team telling somebody to screw off for firing our coach. The effort Is non existent. Either that or we have a team of girlie men. Not even THREE points. The world of Razorback football doesn't have a pulse. Flat lining.

Johnny Cash, ' Hurt ' should be a part of this pregame.

"Rape Me" would be appropriate.

We're seeing John L's influence on the special teams here

Lacy is 37 years old

Man, even our pylons suck.

laces out dan!

now that our safeties have seen 3 straight runs up the gut, here comes the play action they bite on. edit: or they just keep running it down our throats.

Well, we tried being up 17 on them at home, maybe we're going to see what happens when you flip it?

Didn't realize how hard it was raining till they switch cameras. Must be completely miserable to be at this abortion.

I don't think there is any combination of players were this staff would beat Alabama's staff.

We're staring 45-0 right in the face.

Any chance Bama scores during the halftime?

come on saban, pull back. the ass is gushing blood.

We are the new Kentucky.

New drinking game: take a shot every time we get a first down. Oh...wait.

challenge?? you have to be fricking kidding me. He lost it but F'UCK YOU Nick Saban.

I hate motorcycles.

God I hope our dumbshit fans don't whine like a fricking directional school after this game about having the score run up on them. This is SEC football, you want to win championship then you try and score 100 points against every opponent you play. The willingness of Alabama to do that and the unwillingness of Arkansas to do that is one of many reasons we will never be better than 2nd tier in this conference.

Nope not whining about the loss at all. We can't stop them. However, challenging in that situation is not a matter of us not stopping them, it's a douchbag move by Saban and it made me feel better to call him out on his faggotry for it. We have no excuses for our play or lack there of.

Everyone in the Pac-12 is licking their chops tonight

lol....why do we even have safteys?


time to get drunk

we got nothing

What a f***** shame. Heisman hopes - done. Title hopes - done. Kiffin getting outcoached.

Apparently our offensive line was recruited from Spain because they look like bullfighters out there!

well the season is officially over

Our O-line does lack a certain physical presence doesn't it! They look like they're trying to square dance with Stanfords d-linemen. It's pathetic, I never thought I'd see a USC O-line get pushed around like little girls and be completely disrespected by the trees.

I just want to say that if USC loses there will be no thread next week because I will have killed myself. this the scholorship situation affecting the team? Why is the offensive line so weak

Somebody Needs to Put Lane Kiffin in a Closet at Half Time

Bama would shut this team out and run up the score by 40....

This pipe dream that Lane Kiffin will be a good coach one day needs to end.

He's a petulant child that bans reporters lies about polls and can't coach a close game to save his life.

Wow. We suck.

This is rough. Might switch from beer to rum.

stop giving up you chickenshit bastards

But we look so good in 7 on 7's...

This team would quit against an SEC defense. 39 rushing yards. Barkley would not survive.


No O line, no D line, Golden Boy overrated, exposed on national TV by an average Stanford team.

Barkely is a premadona, reads all the press clippings about touch downs and can't even throw a 10 yard pass...Oline is worst in USC history, what happened to the D-line's of old? ZERO push against a Stanford team that could barely beat San Jose St. This is a joke.

I could name 10 teams that could kick the crap out of us right now but it's cocktail time.

Prep, Not Hype. What a crock of *sh*it.

Kiffin's deer in the headlights look is back.......

Kiffin is a weasel and not a good coach. He brings bad Karma to the program.

I have no sympathy for Barkley, he is NOT A GAMER...bottom line, hands down, the biggest pushover when it comes to stepping up in games, he just seems to get worse as the pressure builds...Cant wait for him to be gone...

Oh, and horrible play calling. And way too many dropped passes. Again. bad tackling too. db's being burned every other throw. anything else?

This team is not good enough or deep enough to get to the NC. And if we did, we would get shite-stomped by either Alabama or LSU.

Make your plans for Vegas at Christmas

OLine did their best impression of the Maginot line

Well at least the suspense is over... We now can scratch "BCS title game" of the list. Oh wait… that was the only thing on the damn list. This season is a bust.

I have a theory that we may not be that good

Is the coaching so bad that players actually lose their ability to play?

Imagine if we could swap coaches and QB with ULM. I'd really like our chances this year.

I am glad we are good at trick plays and Hail Marys.

We should have stormed the field and torn down the goal posts after that great win.

Sorry, my kool aid got knocked out of my hand in the stampede of other teams and fans running over us.

if LSU is only a 30pt favorite Im betting the ranch on them. thats the biggest lock in the last qtr century.

I can't wait to hear the spin on this one after its over.

Sunshine pumpers are going to have their work cut out for them.

Maybe we can make new lapel pins for Chizik to wear: AUFUL

Our first win came, in OT, to a team that does not have ONE 4-star player, and our head coach make more in one year than they have in their ENTIRE football budget.

Before any of you apologist bring up Arky, we also didn't have our HC fall off a motor cycle with a bimbo on the back and had to start the season with a bumbling idiot running the show.

If you are ok with that dumpster fire than I feel sorry for you.

i dont understand why the family is fighting on the m board.

Becaise we took a sunbelt team to OT maybe?

I am not joking. I don't want to watch this team play anybody in the SEC. Like watching your best friend get beat to death. I have fantastic season tickets that I am selling. PM me if anyone is interested.

Does anyone else believe LSU could beat us playing exclusively backups?? I'm being completely serious.

You could fill a roster with the talent that has left our team...

Right now I'm just happy that we succeeded where Arkansas failed.

People around here are reluctant to take "youth" or "inexperience" as an excuse when you watch Bama throw their third team in late in the game and still walk all over Arkansas. An arkansas team which will likely beat us.

Hey on the bright side, at least we aren't Arkansas

We are undefeated at home this year!!!!

I know this is not football related but here it is...LSU won't be ready for how clean our campus looks and how "green we think" at Auburn when they see how we take our game trash, yes that means the trash we normally leave in the stands, and put it in or near a trash can. Plus as we're walking to our cars we pickup at least two pieces of trash and put it, you guessed it, in or near a trash can.

Didnt D line coach Whitaker come from ULM? Im hoping his previous knowledge of his former team comes in handy.

You will see us look like an SEC team playing a patsy today, just like we thought before this season started. The sky is not falling for Auburn. Not today, and not ever. War Eagle everyone.

Tackling looks better

Spoke too soon.

Feels like kissing you sister and then getting charged for sexual abuse.

Without two gimmick plays, we get squashed!

Unbelievable, our coach makes more per year than their entire football budget.

If I told you the day after the auburn NC game that in 2 years we'd be going into overtime with ULM what would you say?

Did some of you even watch the LA Monroe Arkansas game? Honestly, this is no surprise. This team is good.

Stop. We are terrible. Pumping up our should-be inferior opposition will not help the situation.

Show some humility. If AU loses, lose gracefully. If they win, win humbly.

Because LA Monroe is well coached and a good team. AU isn't at the point where any win is a gimme and a lot of you don't understand that.

We are young. Sun was in our eyes. Dog ate our homework. We thought gametime was 11:21 p.m. New coordinators. That's about it I guess.

Why do I still feel like we just lost?