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It's Meltdown Time! | Week Four

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Meltdown Time is back this week, with some strong material from both Auburn and LSU (who you would assume lost given the material), Clemson, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Iowa. As always, if you are offended in any way by vulgarity of any sort do not continue on. You've been warned.

Special thanks to users JoshHillWrites, J Tadpole, The Good Doc, Smashedants, DennyChimes, bammer, and Darth Saban for their contibutions this week. Be sure to applaud their efforts in keeping Meltdown Time going in the comments.

I know why Auburn has closed practices... BECUASE THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE!!!

one step forward. Three massive leaps backwards.

Moral victory. Yea.

Lotta square-peg round hole shoving knife at a gun fight going on with the play calling

It just worries me AUBURN ppl start to accept moral victories

It sucks, but that's where we are at.. moral victories

If the recruits are reading this forum...... IM THE BAGMAN! I've got your money. You want that in 20's or 50's? I've also got a van parked down by the river you can have too. Sorry I am out of weed though. The honey badger and michael dyer bought my last supplies if it.

god I fucking hate these toothless auburn bastards we cannot let them salvage their season at our expense

November 3rd is NOT going to be pretty.

Obviously ULM has SEC talent

If we loose, I'm burning all my LSU shite.

I might even burn my car.

This is all Miles mindfricking the rest of the SEC by allowing AU to hang around. He's such a genius

Mett reminds me of a white Aaron Brooks with Bell's Palsy

Battle of the punters. Epic

Lets wash our eyes out with bleach

We have no toes left we've shot ourselves in the foot so much. Grrr....

Refs are control freaks and are employed by Slive, who I would think loves another few teams better than us.

Could be worse. Look at Arkansas.

Thank goodness we don't play ULM or Akron

ULM is laughing at us

So LSU... A little better than UL Monroe

Hope my a-hole becomes "unpuckered" before tomorrow!

I feel like I left the gate open and my wife's new puppy got out and played on the interstate for 4 hours without getting run over. Glad I got him home safe.

Bob Stoops getting pissy in the post game about this team's toughness is just stupid. This is a finesse program. There is simply no denying it at this point. They’re soft, from top to bottom.

I hate landry jones, I hate landry jones, I hate landry jones "clicks heels" is he out of the game…nope threw another interception

landry is so bad his mail gets intercepted

landry is so bad when he plays hot potato no one knows if he had possession before he passed or just fumbled and got burned

Landry, you need not worry about what to do with the NFL's filthy lucre.

It's not just the's the attitude. You can clearly see it in the players' body language. I think the entire organization suffers from cuckold syndrome.

OU will NOT have a Winning season with LANDRY JONES in the game.......Landry should have done the OU nation a FAVOR... and gone into the NFL DRAFT Last year....

You know you suck when your left tackle lined up as a tight end

Currently being sick to my stomach and contemplating rocking in the corner crying

Landry makes this whole team suck. He's the anti christ

Why the fuck is this shit on the field? Seriously, who took a shit on the field?

I know why Stoops closes practices now - they not doing anything but laying around on tackling dummies

I foresee a visit tithe free clinic.

Lumbergh fucked him

guess someone has to fill A&M and Mizzou's shoe's in the Big12.

I hate football season...I get pumped up all year...waste my Saturday and then feel physically ill when OU loses...then I beat small animals and feel bad afterwards.

You can stick a fork in Landry Jones , he's done. He does not need a coach, he needs a shrink.

Someone needs to grow some balls and ask Bob where his went.

Anybody up for putting for sale signs up in bobs yard

Why is our bench doing the angels in the outfield thing? That's just a movie... idiots.

Stoops just got beat at home by a walking cadaver with a bunch of 1 star unrecruited players.

I've always had the feeling that Landry would never lead us to a NC. I maintain that feeling.

oSu fans just collectively spooged in their pants.

Was Landry point shaving? Does Tom Wort think he's good? Is Gabe Lynn the new William Shankle? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm sleeping on the outdoor patio furniture tonight in some board shorts so I can just piss and shit myself and roll into the pool to clean off....and back to sleep nice, cool, relaxed and probably still shit crusted...

When needed....Tress Way can be counted on sucking a bag of dicks. Meerkat / pistol offense fucking blows. Wort couldn't cover my 8 year old son. Our fucking safety hurts his damn shoulder.......and he tackled air on the damn play. Our fucking safety hurts his damn shoulder again.......and the fucking coaching staff keeps him in the game. K-state TD next play. Did I mention Tress Way sucking a bag of dicks? Nice time out Bobby!

As long as Petrino's still available, I'd pull the trigger if I were JoeC.

worst coaching staff in the big 12 easily. Kansas is laughing at us

Landry should be charged with raping his teammates...

Can Landry go for a ride with Petrino?

He's officially "Laundry" in my house, reminds me of shit stained undies

We have a high school D line. A QB that couldn't start on a special olympics team. A head coach that couldn't coach a team to a participation medal. And a ****ing LB that plays like he's playing against 5-year-olds.

Seems like we need a pill called Fukitol and go to bed.

how do we always make mediocre teams play at their best?

cause we are mediocre?

KSU is a mediocre team?

No dumb ****. OU is a mediocre team

We could learn something from the SEC and just talk about how awesome every team on our schedule is, how the BXII is like murderer's row, and chant Big Twelve, Big Twelve. Nah, that would be ghey.

Landry Jones...from first round to undrafted...all in one season

Try 3 games

This game is a complete comedy of errors...can someone please set Landry Jones to Benny Hill music?

So will we see the best QB on the team? Or Landry?

Where did the playmakers go?

The SEC?

Blame all the fans who voted for "Call Me Maybe" to be played at Razorback Stadium. That's a curse if I've ever heard one. John L had-to-of modified the ballots, effectively HOMO-fying our football team. We suck again. That'll do it every time.

Where's john l smith car I gotta pee in his gas tank, I gotta take a dump where is Jeff long live at. Special delivery brown bag special.

We might as well smile. The rest of the country is LAUGHING! Thanks again, BP!

I guess this means the BBVA Compass Bowl is out of reach this year...

I will watch the other games, but it will be like performing an autopsy. We know it’s dead, but let’s continue to find out why.


Not only did my family have a terrible time at the game, the university had some kind of parking scam going on after the game. They literally must have towed hundreds of cars from empty warehouse parking lots that were not clearly marked or roped off. This was a parking lot that we have parked in multipe times in the past, yet had our car towed tonight and was forced to pay a 100 dollar fine along with hundreds of other people. The Razorback games are a scam now. I recommend that you spend your money elsewhere. We certainly won't be going back any time soon

So much for sobering up. Let's see we can take 10-2 off the table now. How about 9-3? How bout 9-3 with a severe case of dyslexia (spell check)?


I bet Tyler throws more TD passes in practice than any QB in NCAA history.

Injury report on Darius Winston -

1. Severe whiplash from watching receivers run past him.

2. Deep thigh, chest and head bruises from where Eddie Lacy left cleat marks

running over him.

3. No heart. Have conducted massive search but have found no signs one even exists.

If I was the Hog coach I would make Darius "the most overrated,worthless hog ever to strap it up" Winston run bleachers during the entire game of every game the rest of the season shouting "I'm sorry I wasted your time and $ throughout the game. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the fans get to punch him in his giant wizard sleeve as he runs by!!! At least Hog fans would have something to look forward to every Saturday!


game over. excellent. I'd take Louisiana-Monroe's D over ours

Who's Dabo going to fire next?

Hopefully FSU doesnt score 70 tonight.

I'll be frank, our Defensive players suck. They are soft and just complete pussy holes...

When you have a bunch of pounded out snatches on D, your are going to lose.

Sometimes when I want remember what is was like the last time Clemson really played great D I go to YouTube and type in Danny Fords last stand.

I'm takin' up Jack least it has a D*

excuse me i gotta go puke.

It is not worth my stomach lining to see this crappy effort.

Honey Boo Boo and her mother could do a better job covering WR's than Breeland and Robinson.


Momentum is like a fart, can't see it, but it sure can stink

Lou Holtz can kiss my ass

Is this our JV team?


This reminds me of the Iowa/Florida bowl game when we got jobbed. Atleast that Iowa team wasn't full of retards.

There is Ferentz thinking about how he can lose to Central Michigan at home and still make four million dollars a year

What a terrible looking team. Still unbeaten in the Big Ten though.

"Come drink beer with your friends. Have a good time. Watch the game. Occasionally we will win. It's a good time for everybody."

Micah Hyde's fair catch practice has finally paid off.

Big Ten football everybody! Catch the fever!

Ok, someone talk me off the ledge give me the positives for 2013 and beyond. and remind me how good our basketball/wrestling teams are gonna be

"Iowa Offense looking a little confused out there." Quote of the day. From white big ten talk a lot guy.

Must......resist.....urge to kill

I really, really hate this team

That's it. They need to investigate these refs.

The refs have been fucking us all game. Should we be surprised?

Hey guess what, when you pull a d-lineman over forwards, that's fuckin holding. Or, it’s a personal foul, if you don’t like Iowa.

That BW3 guy is trying to extend the game length wait for the water spigot to pop up and trip our d on the next play

Media: Why did you call a timeout when CMU was scrambling to get on the field for FG attempt?

KF: Well, you know, Central Michigan did a good job of moving the ball down the field…


KF: …

So we give up 32 points to CMU? At home. This will not help recruiting.

Fuck football. I’ll stick to soccer. Anyone want to join me?

You mean you think a coach Who has been an HC for 14 years and gets paid 4,000,000 a year should finally fucking learn hw the clock works?

The worst thing is, it doesn't feel like an upset.

on road, wife read me play by play and I thought she was fucking with mee. Got to gas stations and she isnt. Wow.

I thought it was penn State that was supposed to have been the program that imploded. .

Iowa just Iowa’d itself. Hard.

Maybe talking some Civil War should cheer me up

Scumbag Kirk Ferentz. CUT HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF. Not really… Maybe?

I'm not even drinking and I'm so fucking mad I'm having trouble typing.

How bad would the show-cause penalties on Tressel be?

Welp time to get black out drunk

We have been "rebuilding" since '05

1) Fuckity Fuck Fuck

2) What the fuck defense?

3) What the fuck hands team?

4) What the fuck officials?

Reminder: Houston Nutt is available.

I’ve had enough of losing with class. Let’s try winning with scum.

Excuse me while I shoot myself in the head.

John L. Smith will probably be available!

Iowa completely shit the bed and I realized that, like this team, I am suicidal


Good to see that the Iowa Football-Humping Monkeys are doing what they're best at.

Great - we stopped the 2 point prevent going into OT....against Central Michigan.

Can we cover the on-side kick - or are we going to be confused and look like a monkey humping a football.

This team deserves a loss. What a god damn joke. "When it's football season, I'm all football." Hayden Fry

That's an insult to teams that really are a joke. There's good teams... then there's bad teams... then there are joke teams... then there's 50 feet of crap... then there's us.

I hate losing games due to the effing ref's complete incompetence!! Nobody likes a fair weather fan. Nobody!

Iowa's fault. Not the refs. You're f****** blind. Incompetent coaching, mediocre talent. We just lost to a 1-2 MAC team. And you blame the refs. Ridiculous.

This game will get chippy -

of course it will. They're playing the Chippywas.