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BlogPoll Calling | Week Five Ballot

After a week where everyone struggled there's not a lot of change from last week's ballot.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Considering seemingly everyone struggled this week, either looking sluggish in putting over matched competition away like Alabama, Oregon, LSU and etc., or letting good but still beatable teams take them down to the wire like West Virginia, Georgia, and Texas, there wasn't any movement in the top 11. The only movement in the top 15 actually comes because of Stanford's drop after a bad loss on Thursday moved them all up one spot by default. As for Stanford? Sorry, but that was horrendous and you get dropped completely for looking so bad. Also, Southern Cal gets dropped completely for having lost to you. The Pac 12 only exists in Oregon, or something. Other thoughts; Texas Tech gets in as Mr. Irrelevant because they're quietly undefeated with a win over a half decent Iowa State, who was previously undefeated. Both were on the verge of getting ranked last week but neither had a quality win to their credit. La. Tech gets in for similar reasons, but do not have a signature win. Yes, I am inconsistent in my voting. No, I do not care. Texas A&M should probably be there instead, but they play in two weeks so when they lose to the Aggies they can swap places. Or something.