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Tim Williams a good fit for Alabama's 3-4 defense

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Tim Williams - Bud Elliott (SB Nation)

When I had the chance to see Tim Williams earlier this month at the Under Armour All-America Game and practices, I wasn't blown away.

Williams was ranked among the top 100 players nationally by several recruiting services. He had decent film, but I thought it didn't live up to the ranking. So when I saw him, I was pretty underwhelmed, and I thought I understood why LSU hadn't given him a commit-able offer. He's smaller, and not quick enough off the ball to make up for that lack of size when he has his hand in the ground.

But that doesn't mean Williams cannot play. He certainly can.

I came away thinking that Williams, listed at 6'4 and 230 pounds -- but perhaps an inch shorter, 10 pounds lighter and with a limited frame -- might do better as a rush outside linebacker. He and Alabama feel the same way, as the tide runs a 3-4 defense. As an outside linebacker, Williams makes sense as a four-star recruit

Williams's choice over the Miami Hurricanes also likely has something to do with his two-year old daughter. Alabama is certainly closer to his Baton Rouge home than Miami.

Williams had this to say about the issue when I spoke with him earlier this month:

The most important factor in Williams' recruitment, however, is his two-year old daughter.

"That's it. Everything I do is for her," Williams said. "I am staying focused for her. It made me grow up at a young age. Some of these boys here (at Under Armour) don't know."

Williams wants to stay close to home because of his daughter, but with LSU not a true option at this point, he will likely have to leave home. Williams and his daughter's mother share custody, and if Wiliams leaves the state, he will not be able to take his daughter with him. His mother and his daughter's mother would care for her.

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