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RBR POLL: Which of Saban's Three Championships at Alabama is Your Favorite?

Nick Saban wins early and often. RBR polls its readers about which of Saban's titles is their favorite.

Chris Graythen

To the non-Alabama fan, this poll question probably looks like a bunch of bragging jackassery over the embarrassment of riches that Nicholas Lou Saban has added to our trophy cases. Let's be honest though, it kind of is. We've no doubt picked up our share of bandwagon fans since 2009, but the majority of you out there have been with this team through thick and thin...and there was a lot of thin there for a while. You remember the losses to UCF, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana Monroe and other similar non-powerhouse programs. You remember the taunts from other fans after Utah blew us out of the water in the Sugar Bowl that Alabama couldn't even beat a Mountain West team. Well, all of the people that said Alabama was done for and would never return to glory can kiss our collective asses. We're the kings of the mountain and have been for a while.

Each of Alabama's national championships under Saban has had something that made it special and unique and arguably the best one:

2009: This was the only undefeated team of the bunch. It produced Alabama's first Heisman winner. It was the team that avenged Urban Meyer & Tim Tebow for the 2008 SECCG loss. It produced epic moments like Rocky Block and the dramatic come from behind victory at Auburn.

2011: Despite not even appearing in the SECCG, this Crimson Tide squad hoisted the crystal football and was able to earn a spot in the BCSCG thanks to late season collapses from the likes of Oklahoma State and others. It was a special year because of avenging the lone loss to LSU in the "Game of the Century" (of the week.) It was the team that produced the first and only BCSCG shutout. Also, that championship was an emotional salve for Tuscaloosa after what it had been through earlier that year with the tornado.

2012: Back to back national championships? Are you kidding me? And who doesn't love a good beat down of Notre Dame? Honestly, this year felt like a bonus national title. Everybody said the defense wouldn't be good enough (wrong), that the offense would struggle without Richardson (wrong again.) The defense was dominate and the offense put up some ridiculous numbers. 11 of the 14 games were absolute beat downs.

A compelling case could be made for all three, but which one is your favorite?