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(Audio) Final Thoughts on the 2012 Season

Ten days have passed since the 2012 season ended in Miami. Some final thoughts on a magnificent season, the state of the program, the future, and other assorted musings to close out my time here at RBR.

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Since I sat in front of my keyboard writing and editing for a good 30 minutes and wound up with one paragraph that I still didn't like (or as I like to call it "reason to quit blogging #489"), and since I don't want my last bit of audio on this site to be a dramatic reading of 50 Shades of Grey, I decided I'd fire up the trusty old voice recorder and get all of stream of conscious with it. So please enjoy 40ish minutes of me just kind of rambling on and on. Or to put it another way, "I half assed my way into RBR, I'm gonna half ass my way out!"

Final Thoughts on the 2012 Season

It's been a fun seven years y'all. Roll Tide.