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Your Friday Hoodoo Thread | BCS Championship Edition

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Our weekly attempt to curry favor with the Football Gods by admitting our moral, intellectual, and cultural shortcoming in a very public manner.

Pace yourselves folks, we've got the whole weekend, so take a little time, really dig deep, and bring it for a national title cause this is it, our chance at football immortality, the opportunity to claim a dynasty, and to exorcise some Irish demons in the process. Throw yourselves on the mercy of the Football Gods, beg their favor on our beloved Crimson Tide's fortunes in Miami, and bring it in the comments with your admissions, oathes, rituals or whatever you've got. My standing pledge to read 50 Shades of Grey in return for an SEC Title is in full swing (you can follow the hashtag #50ToddsOfGrey on twitter for updates over the weekend), and I again renew my pledge to record and perform a dramatic reading for a BCS title. Roll Tide.