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The Crimson Tide humiliates the Fighting Irish on their way to a third BCS National Title in four years, cementing their reputation as a modern day college football dynasty.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

There will be a lot of talk about "2012 was supposed to be a rebuilding season" talk over the next few days, and the truth is, it was. The defense wasn't particularly dominant against the better offenses and had more in common with the 2010 team that lost three games, injuries ravaged the running back and wide receiver positions, and the offense struggled at crucial times resulting in a blemish on an otherwise perfect record. When we look back at the national title winning Tide teams under Nick Saban, there won't be a whole lot that stands out about this team beyond this score and a handful of players we love but that won't be remembered by young fans in 10 years. And yet here we are, hoisting the crystal football again, and there is nothing else we can possibly do but admire and respect every single player that stepped into opportunities, an offensive line that should be considered one of the best ever, and a staff that pulled off their greatest coaching effort yet. What's scary is next year's team should be better. This is truly a golden age for Crimson Tide football. #15 y'all. Roll Tide.