50 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Our Offense This Year: An Ode to Doug Nussmeier

Tl;dr version: The 2012 offensive unit was one of the most productive and most efficient offensive units in school history. (And yes, I understand that one or two of these are purely special teams, and have nothing to do with offense.)

edit: I'm finding and correcting mistakes, so if you find any, please point them out so I can fix them.

(1) Eddie Lacy's 1,322 yards on 204 carries (6.48 ypc) broke Bobby Humphrey's 26 year-old school record for yards per carry on 200 or more carries (by 0.25 ypc), and places 4th in terms of yards per carry on 100 or more carries in school history (none of the top three have more than 123 carries).

(2) T.J. Yeldon's 1,108 yards on 175 carries (6.33 ypc) was the 6th most yards per carry on 100 or more carries in school history. He would have been 5th, but Eddie bumped him down. Neither Trent Richardson, nor Mark Ingram, nor Shaun Alexander, nor Bobby Humphrey, nor Major Ogilvie, nor Johnny Musso place in the top 5 (Trent Richardson is now 7th at 6.25 ypc on 112 carries in 2010), and the most recent non-2012 back in the top 5 is Kerry Goode at 6.73 ypc on 103 carries in 1983.

(3) Eddie Lacy's 2,402 career rushing yards on 355 career carries (6.77 ypc) is the 2nd most career yards per carry on 200 or more career carries in school history. The next most recent in the top 5 is Tony Nathan, who played from 1975-1978.

(4) Eddie Lacy’s 17 rushing TDs this season is tied for 3rd most in school history.

(5) This was the first season in school history that Alabama had more than one 1,000+ yard rusher.

(6) AJ McCarron’s season completion percentage (minimum of 50 completions) of 67.2% is 2nd in school history. (2011 AJ is now 3rd at 66.8%.)

(7) AJ McCarron’s career completion percentage of 66.7% is a school record if he doesn’t come back next year.

(8) AJ's 2,933 passing yards this season was the 3rd most in school history (42 yards from 1st place).

(9) AJ McCarron now has the 2nd most career passing yards per game in school history (0.48 ypg from 1st place).

(10) AJ McCarron’s 4 TD passes against Notre Dame is in a 7-way tie for 2nd most TD passes in a game in school history. Other AJ McCarron ties in this statistic include: 2011 Vanderbilt, 2012 W. Kentucky, 2012 Tennessee, and the 2012 Auburnite. That’s right, there have been 7 games in school history in which one of our QBs threw 4 TD passes, and AJ McCarron was 5 of them, 4 this year alone. (School record is 5.)

(11) AJ McCarron’s 30 TD passes this year broke Greg McElroy’s 2010 school record… by 50% (30 = (20*1.5)).

(12) AJ McCarron now holds the school record with 49 career TD passes.

(13) AJ McCarron’s 85 yard TD pass to Kenny Bell against FAU is in a 3-way tie for the 4th longest TD pass in school history.

(14) AJ McCarron’s season interception percentage of 0.96% is a school record.

(15) AJ McCarron’s career interception percentage of 1.16% (8 interceptions on 690 pass attempts) broke Billy Volek’s NCAA record for lowest career interception percentage (minimum of 600 pass attempts) of 1.28% (12 interceptions on 934 pass attempts), set from 1997-1999. (First off, if AJ comes back next year, this will obviously no longer be accurate, at least until the end of the year. Second, I’ll leave it to someone else to see if anyone else also broke it this year, but after a brief glance, I don’t think so.)

(16) Pretty sure we all know that AJ McCarron set the school record for consecutive passes without an interception, but I can’t remember the numbers.

(17) By winning percentage, AJ McCarron is now Alabama’s 2nd-winningest quarterback (25-2, 92.6%). Jay Barker is listed as 1st at 35-2-1, 93.4%. If you count the wins forfeited in 1993 as losses, OR if you just don't count them at all, OR if you count that tie as a loss instead of half a win, then AJ is 1st.

(18) Not only does Amari Cooper now hold every Alabama freshman receiving record, but his 1,000 receiving yards this season is tied for the 4th most receiving yards in a season in school history (tied with 1993 David Palmer).

(19) Amari Cooper’s 1,000 receiving yards on 59 catches (16.95 yards per catch) this season is 2nd in school history for yards per catch in a season (minimum of 50 catches) (behind D.J. Hall in 2006, with 62 catches for 1,056 yards (17.03 yards per catch) [NOTE: The Alabama records book appears to only use one significant figure - in this case, it will likely list Amari Cooper as tied for 1st.]).

(20) Kenny Bell’s 431 receiving yards on 17 catches (25.35 yards per catch) this season is the 2nd most yards per catch in a season in school history (minimum of 15 catches).

(21) Kenny Bell’s 712 career receiving yards on 36 career receptions (19.8 yards per reception) has him on pace for 5th in school history for yards per reception (minimum of 50 catches). He would be the only player in the top 5 to have caught a football for the Tide after 1979.

(22) Amari Cooper’s 11 TD receptions this year broke a 62 year-old school record of 10 TDs in a season. (If he catches 7 more TDs in his Alabama career, he will tie the school record for career TD receptions.)

(23) Amari Cooper is in a three-way tie for 4th in school history with 5 career 100 yard receiving games. One more 100 yard receiving game and he catches Ozzie Newsome in 3rd. Three more and he catches Julio Jones in 2nd. Eight more and he catches David Bailey in 1st.

(24) Amari Cooper is the 4th player in Alabama history to have a 1,000 yard receiving season. (D.J. Hall had two 1,000 yard receiving seasons.)

(25) Eddie Lacy’s 114 points this season puts him 6th in school history for points scored in a season. (This might be a tie, I can’t tell, because Jeremy Shelly is 5th with 115 points last year, and our record book only seems to go to 5 in most stats.)

(26) Jeremy Shelly’s 304 career points puts him 5th in school history, behind #1 L. Tiffin, #2 Doyle, #3 Proctor and #4 V. Tiffin.

(27) Eddie Lacy’s 19 TDs this year (17 rushing, 2 receiving) put him 4th in school history for TDs in a season.

(28) AJ McCarron’s 31 TDs this year (30 passing, 1 rushing) broke Alabama’s school record for TD responsibility of 24, set by Shaun Alexander in 1999 and tied by Trent Richardson last year.

(29) AJ McCarron’s 52 career TDs (49 passing, 3 rushing) is tied with Harry Gilmer for 2nd in school history.

(30) Jeremy Shelly’s 102 kicking points this year (11 FGs, 69 XPs) is 4th in school history. (His 115 last year is 2nd.)

(31) Jeremy Shelly’s 69 XPs this year shattered the school record he set last year (52).

(32) Jeremy Shelly’s 172 career XPs shattered the school record of 136, set by Leigh Tiffin from 2006 to 2009.

(33) Jeremy Shelly’s 4 made field goals against Ole Miss this year is in a 10-way tie for 4th most in school history. (Record is 6, set by Philip Doyle against Southwestern Louisiana in 1990, and 2-way tie for 2nd at 5.)

(34) Jeremy Shelly’s 44 career made field goals is 5th all time in school history.

(35) Cody Mandell’s 50 punts for 2,214 yards (44.3 avg.) broke Daniel Pope’s 1998 record of 44.0 yards per punt (minimum of 50 punts).

(36) The 6,237 yards of offense gained this year set a new school record, shattering the old record of 5,773, set in 2010.

(37) This year’s offense gained 6.95 yards per play, 3rd best in school history (behind 6.98 ypp in 1973 and 6.96 ypp in 2010).

(38) This year’s offense gained 445.5 yards per game, 2nd best in school history (behind 480.7 ypg in 1973).

(39) This year’s offense scored 68 touchdowns, shattering the old school record of 58, set in 1945.

(40) This year’s offense rushed for 3,185 yards, 8th most in school history, and most since 1979.

(41) This year’s offense rushed for 5.59 yards per carry, 4th best in school history (behind 6.06 ypc in 1973, 5.92 ypc in 1950, and 5.74 ypc in 1945).

(42) This year’s offense scored 37 rushing touchdowns, 6th in school history and most since 1979. (The record is 46, set in 1971.)

(43) This year’s offense passed for 3,052 yards, 2nd in school history (behind 3,395 in 2010).

(44) This year’s offense passed for 218.0 yards per game, 6th in school history.

(45) This year’s offense passed for 31 TDs, shattering the old school record of 24, set in 2010.

(46) This year’s offense passed for 9.3 yards per attempt, 6th in school history. (2010 was 5th, and the only higher average in the last 30 years.)

(47) The 3 interceptions thrown this year is a three-way tie (1974, 1965) for the 3rd fewest in school history. (1st was 1 in 1980, 2nd was 2 in 1981.)

(48) This year’s team scored 542 points, shattering the old school record of 477, set in 1973.

(49) This year’s team scored 38.7 points per game, 4th in school history. (1st was 43.0 ppg in 1945, 2nd was 39.8 ppg in 1973, 3rd was 39.6 – the year is unclear, as the official record book again says 1945, but this is obviously inaccurate.)

(50) This year’s team scored 71 touchdowns, shattering the old school record of 61, set in 1973.

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