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The Jumbo Package | 10.02.13

"Shh... It's ok.  It's going to be ok." - C.J. Mosley
"Shh... It's ok. It's going to be ok." - C.J. Mosley
Kevin C. Cox

Georgia State lineman: Once we get physical 'we're on a level playing field' as Alabama |

"It's Alabama, they have strong backs that are going to have decent vision and make good decisions," Agnew told the AJC. "But we've played big backs before, I've played big backs before. It's about making sure we wrap up and it's about playing physical.

"Once you get that physicality instilled, we're on a level playing field."

Cool. More empty trash talk (full interview HERE). Also, I didn't realize that we were playing the president of the Olivia Newton John fan club...

Former Alabama football player Eddie Lee Williams will be tried as an adult on robbery charges |


Kevin Norwood

Trey DePriest