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The Jumbo GIF Package │10.10.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

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Michael Chang

Introducing The GIF Oracle in SB Nation Comments - SBN Community Corner

The GIF Oracle can reply to your comment with a GIF from it's database. You can request a GIF from a specific category or just request a random GIF. To request a GIF from The GIF Oracle simply post a comment that says "@oracle gif me" or "@oracle gif me (category name)".

Find out all of the available gif categories here. The GIF Oracle is a living database. As new GIFs are discovered, either through SB Nation's This Week In GIFs series or elsewhere, the best ones will be added to the Oracle. When appropriate, new categories and pages will be created.

I brilliant idea by SBN. RBR likes to use .gifs about as much as anyone and this should certainly be a hit around here...

Duane Rankin - Alabama football: Receiver Amari Cooper missing in action so far in sophomore season | The Montgomery Advertiser

“I don’t really know how much his toe is hurting or not,” McCarron said. “I don’t know how much the toe is bothering him.” White said Cooper is “a little dinged up. I know he’ll be there if we need him. I really can’t elaborate much on that.”

This just adds to the mysterious disappearance of Amari Cooper. I really hope it is a physical ailment that is holding him back and not a focus issue where he is frustrated at the lack of balls thrown his way..

Kentucky football: Defense braces for a severe test from Alabama's McCarron | Football |

"He's just your overall total package of a quarterback," Kentucky safeties coach Bradley Dale Peveto said of McCarron. "It's everything you want in one right there. He proves it down after down. He proves it game after game. He's a guy we've got to play well against to have a chance."

At least he didn't call AJ a game manager...

Ohio State vs. Alabama in football recruiting; mapping out their territory (maps and database) |

The top states for the 'Bama-Buckeye recruiting war are Georgia and Florida, where each school has extended 13 scholarship offers, according to research. Next are Texas and Ohio, with six each.

Alabama case spotlights Emmert, Saban friendship

Alabama has two perceived friends in high places: Emmert and Alabama graduate Derrick Crawford, a director of enforcement for the NCAA. In the outside world, it's akin to being accused of a crime and having the charges investigated at the police station where your uncle is the police chief and your friend is the top detective. "That's why (the NCAA) probably will handle this case very carefully — because of the perception," said Michael Buckner, a private attorney in Miami who specializes in NCAA cases. "They're probably going to err on the side of caution, so that nothing they do could be seen as being improper."

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer....or if you are Nick Saban, make your enemies your best friends.

What will the REC think of next?

Athlon Sports lists Kirby Smart and SEC head coach among college coaches in demand |

Athlon Sports took a look at the college football coaches who will be in demand in the coming months for job openings - current or otherwise. Among the names listed is Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart.

Here we go again..Smart will be at the top of nearly every AD's list and we will have to face another round of interview rumors and pay raises...

Cyrus Kouandjio still wrapping his head around playing next to big brother Arie |

"It's cool," Cyrus Kouandjio said. "I don't think I've got it quite all in, that fact that I'm playing with my brother on the No. 1 team. Right now we're just trying to make things happen. We're just focused on one purpose, which is getting another championship trophy this year. I really haven't sat down and thought about it like, 'Wow.'

I like where Cyrus' head is at. Focus on the task at hand and not the distractions around him. He'll have an entire off-season to look back at the memories they are creating..

Alabama RB Kenyan Drake's snaps are up because 'he did what he was supposed to do,' Nick Saban says |

"Look, Kenyan Drake didn't play in the first game because he didn't do what he was supposed to do, so he might have played more in the first game if he had done what he was supposed to do," Saban said. "He hasn't done anything different. He just did what he was supposed to do, which he didn't do before the first game so he didn't play. He didn't go on the trip and he didn't play.

If you do the right things when you are suppose to do them, and do them properly, what you did and what you do will be done right, 'aight.