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Alabama-Kentucky Open Game Thread - 2nd Half

Alabama 24 Kentucky 0 - Halftime

T.J. Yeldon makes his move.
T.J. Yeldon makes his move.
Andy Lyons

First the good news:

The defense was dominating and special teams was pretty flawless. 62 total yards by the Wildcats, 41 rushing and 21 passing on 4 catches in 11 attempts. Only 4 first downs given up by what is looking like a pretty gelled defense.

Bradley Sylve got a psuedo-surprise start at cornerback. I have yet to spot Eddie Jackson out D.

The offense took a little time to get going as there were several dropped passes, underthrows by AJ McCarron, and two fumbles in the red zone (Yeldon, Drake).

However, mistakes were corrected and Bama was able to put up 24 second quarter points on four straight drives.

True freshman Grant Hill has been platooning with Austin Shepherd at right tackle.

Kenyan Drake 11 rushes for 91 yds, 8.3 YPC, 2 TDs
T.J. Yeldon 13 rushes for 75 yds, 5.8 YPC, 1 TD

AJ McCarron 12/22 184 yds, 8.4 YPP

Kevin Norwood 3 catches 61 yds
O.J. Howard 2 for 37 yds
Kenyan Drake 2 for 35 yds