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The Jumbo Package │10.15.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

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Ineffectually following Chaney, Said Mattie - Arkansas Fight

* I am frustrated that Mattie Ross has more grit to her than our Razorbacks who are back to collapsing into Keystone Cop ball after the first bad thing that happens to them. I think most fans just wanted to see improvement from 2012, but at this rate, we might just have a worse record than what we thought was as bad as it gets.

Arkansas starting DT Robert Thomas out for season with leg injury |

Thomas was third on the team with six tackles for loss.

Alabama freshman defensive lineman Robinson making an early impact |

His hips are so flexible. It’s almost like you’ve got this 320-pound guy in the body of some 240-pound defensive end." His teammates rave about his attributes. "He’s big. He’s strong. He’s fast," UA defensive lineman Jeoffrey Pagan said. "He’s going to be a very dominant player. I’m excited about his future."

Nick Saban disagrees with 'result-oriented' opinion that Alabama started slow vs. Kentucky |

"I think it’s a total misconception that we didn’t start the game well," Saban said. "Like most people in the world, you people are all result-oriented."

'Schooled: The Price of College Sports' is a movie worth the NCAA history lesson (review) |

"I'm a firm believer that an employee should get paid for his work," Foster says in the film. "And, 100 percent, I see student-athletes as employees. Hiding from it is just cowardly."


Praise universal for Alabama offensive guard Anthony Steen on a rare day in spotlight |

"Unbelievable player," McCarron said. "Comes to work every day. You never see Steen in a negative mood, never bringing you down on the practice field, which helps tremendously because your offensive line takes you as far as you want to go as an offense and a team." Alabama's offensive line isn't as stable as it was last year. The combination of an injury to center Ryan Kelly, occasional inconsistency and the rise of true freshman Grant Hill have Nick Saban and offensive line Mario Cristobal tinkering with the group to come up with "the best five."