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The Jumbo Package | 10.02.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide news and notes.

"Say it to my face.  SAY IT TO MY FACE." - C.J. Mosley
"Say it to my face. SAY IT TO MY FACE." - C.J. Mosley
Kevin C. Cox

After wide-eyed first snap, Anthony Steen says replacement Alabama center Chad Lindsay a perfect fit |

"I told Kelly (Sunday) morning when he was getting treatment, I went over and talked to him and told him that the first play of the game Chad, on the first play of the game, his eyes were wide open," Steen said. "And I could just tell he was nervous but the second and third play he was fine and after a couple of plays I didn't miss a beat with Chad than I would with Kelly."

First off, I'm sure Kelly really enjoyed being told that everything was completely fine without him. Secondly, did Chad Lindsay remind anyone else of William Vlachos out there? He has that short, stocky build that we haven't seen at the position since Vlachos, and I thought he held his own pretty well out there. No offense to Ryan Kelly, but he has pretty clearly been our weakest link on the offensive line so far, and any upgrade there has to pay dividends. We'll see if Lindsay can secure that spot for good over the next couple games, as Kelly is out for at least two weeks with a sprained MCL. Or is it a strained MCL... [jtad-bait]

Nick Saban: Staffer [Tyler Siskey] was not coaching | ESPN

"He didn't really assist in the game plan, and he wasn't on a headset," Saban said when asked whether it was common for a noncoaching staff member to assist during a game. "He didn't talk to anybody during the game. I don't know if there's any rule that says he can't go into the press box and watch the games. And he wasn't in any different position than he's ever been in a game."

Georgia State lineman: Once we get physical 'we're on a level playing field' as Alabama |

"It's Alabama, they have strong backs that are going to have decent vision and make good decisions," Agnew told the AJC. "But we've played big backs before, I've played big backs before. It's about making sure we wrap up and it's about playing physical.

"Once you get that physicality instilled, we're on a level playing field."

Cool. More empty trash talk (full interview HERE). Also, I didn't realize that we were playing the president of the Olivia Newton John fan club...

Former Alabama football player Eddie Lee Williams will be tried as an adult on robbery charges |

Former Alabama player Eddie Lee Williams will be tried as an adult on two second-degree robbery charges, a prosecutor said today.

Three other former players also were arrested and face charges related to the same incident in which Williams is charged. But the other three have apparently been granted youthful offender status as their cases are now marked confidential.

According to an entry today in Williams' case in the online court system, Williams' request for youthful offender status was denied on Sept. 26. He had turned 21 years old on Sept. 10.

So, at 20 years of age, he beat a guy senseless, robbed him and then tried to get special treatment? I didn't realize 20 year olds could even attempt to be treated as anything but an adult. It seems that in addition to the win on the field, Bama also beat Johnny Manziel to the "I'm only 20" excuse as well.


Kevin Norwood

Chad Lindsay

Trey DePriest

Saban Monday press conference