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Initial Impressions: Smoked Pork Edition

104-0 — The combined score the last two Alabama vs Arkansas games

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Can we finally call THAT a complete game? No turnovers, no penalties, no points allowed. Alabama is starting to look more and more like the Alabama we expected to see back in August...

Alabama opened the game with two straight scoring drives and then ended the half up 28-0. There's no doubt this is a terrible Arkansas team but what 'Bama did last night was justifiable homicide. Pretty much the only negative takeaway from the first half would be Vinnie Sunseri's injury, which was later described as a "possibly serious knee injury" . Outside of that it was a flawless performance.

The 2nd half was just as efficient, even if Bryant Denny Stadium looked empty by the 4th quarter. People (the olds) like to complain that students leave early but BDS was less than half full when the Alabama defense stopped Arkansas on a 4th down to secure the shutout..just sayin.

The final stat line looks silly: 532 yards of total offense compared to Arkansas' 256. The Hogs did gain 165 yards on the ground, though much of that came late in the 2nd half against the 'Bama 2nd stringers. Alabama's 352 rushing yards and the laughable 9.2 yards per carry are the stats of the game. Again, this is a terrible Arkansas team, but you have to be happy with the progression of the offensive line and the way Drake and company ran last night.

And I have to publicly apologize for any negative comment I ever made about Kenyan Drake. The light bulb is certainly shining bright in his head and he's playing extremely well. Yeldon is still our #1 but with each week Drake is making that statement harder and harder to write.

The defense was equally as dominate, and the goose egg on the score board easily proves the point. Once again, I want to point out how dreadful this Arkansas team is, but even with this knowledge, I felt our front seven held up nicely against their big offensive line and we were consistently living in their back field all night.

Even with Vinnie out for most the game and that Bradly Sylve left early with an apparent lower leg injury, the defensive backs held up nicely. Arkansas had a couple long pass plays (two I believe against Fulton and one play action seam pass on CJ.) but only totaled 91 yards in the air.

I was surprised to see Eddie Jackson on the sideline and John Fulton enter the game when Sylve went out. There's a dynamic going on there I can't figure out. Eddie looked poised to be the next great Alabama corner and he's disappeared the last three weeks. I don't trust Fulton against LSU, or Tennessee for that matter, and if Sylve is hurt (i haven't seen the injury report) the Eddie Jackson situation needs to work itself out.

Special teams continues to dominate and I have no fear of bad things happening (besides to the opposing team) whatsoever when that unit is on the field.

Quick hitters:

- Derrick Henry is faster than you. That is all

- AJ once again looked off on his deep passes but is deadly accurate on the intermediate passes. He's throwing off his back foot again :/

- The offensive line had their moments of greatness and then had plays where more than a few were badly beaten...They are improving but still have a ways to go.

- I'll say this again — Lindsay should remain the starter until it is clearly proven he can't cut it.

- Amari Cooper is slowly looking better and better each week. His touchdown pass was reminiscent of 2012.

- CJ Mosley for Heisman. That is all.

- We are extremely deep at safety. When Vinnie went out, Ha Ha, Jarrick Williams and Landon Collins were a force to be reckoned with.

UT hate week officially began around 9:30 last night and y'all know how much I hate Tennessee. Let the hate begin