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Random Thoughts From Around the SEC │Week 7

Good gawd what a hot mess we have on our hands..

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
The SEC East


This may get me in trouble with, well, everyone but I'm not sold on this group just yet. They looked great this past weekend against a UF defense that was missing what seemed like 5-6 starters but have they done enough to deserve that #5 BCS ranking? Not to me. Again, good job beating a depleted UF team with no offense and an UGA team that has zero skill players left. You'll probably beat a Connor Shaw-less USCe and jump Ohio State in the polls.


You DERP'd away a win against Vandy after having a 13 point lead late in the game. I can't pile on this team all that much given the amount of injuries both sides of the ball have sustained, especially on offense but you have to wonder about the mental state of this team moving forward. Getting Gurley back would do wonders for the offense and they still have three, maybe four, winnable games left on their schedule. The World's Largest Cocktail Party may look more like a high school kegger before it's all said and done..


Is 6-6 even a possibility for this team?

Injuries and a BS ejection call for targeting to their best corner pretty much meant that Florida had no chance of stopping Mizzou from the get go but it was the Florida offense, not the defense, that really has UF fans up in arms. 107th in passing yards a game, 73rd in rushing yards per game and 104th in points per game means someone is about to or should be fired. Brent Pease may want to update his resume if he knew what was good for him.


Was that Spurrier's worst playing calling job, ever? YEP. Up by a point, with jut a few minutes remaining, and you call two time-outs? If you missed it here is a good run down by TSK:

That reached its worst extreme when South Carolina got the ball back on its own 12 leading by one with 5:44 left in the game. Spurrier called three consecutive passes; on the second, Connor Shaw was sacked and sustained what looked like it could be a troubling knee injury. The Gamecocks forced a three-and-out, then began what can only be described as the dumbest drive of the day. Spurrier called two runs by Davis, seeming to have regained his senses temporarily. Then, on 3rd-and-8, backup quarterback Dylan Thompson took off on what appeared to be a designed run, with the predictable result that he came up short.

Spurrier wasn't done. He kept the offense on the field and looked ready to go for it on fourth down, then called timeout. Then, Spurrier sent the offense back out on the field and looked read to go for it on fourth down again -- then called time out. When he finally punted it, the Vols took over with the ball on their own 35 with 2:48 left in the game and an opponent that could only stop the clock once.

Stupid isn't even the word to describe it. Connor Shaw is likely out against Mizzou, which means we still won't know how good of a team the Tigers are after beating USCe by 17.


Congrats on the win. That is all I will say about that.


Gusty win by the 'Dores against Georgia. This isn't the same Vandy team of the past but that also wan't the same UGA team from Week 1. Up next is Texas A&M and if Manziel is out, can Vandy pull the upset two weeks in a row?

SEC West


A dominating performance against the worst team in the SEC. Heck, even Kentucky scored a touchdown on the 'Bama defense. Who, by the way, has only given up 16 points total since Sept. 14th. Losing Vinnie Sunseri for the year will hurt but luckily Saban has recruited extremely well at safety and the combo of Landon Collins and Jarriack Williams should mitigate any major drop off. After this past Saturday, the Auburn game, and not the LSU showdown in three weeks, looks to decide the SEC West. Who would have said that 8 weeks ago?


Losing to Ole Miss is inexcusable. That is not meant to diss the Rebs but LSU had no business losing to THAT Ole Miss team. Mettenburger had his worst performance of the year and Jeremy Hill only rushed for 64 yards against an Ole Miss defensive line that was playing the back ups, back up. LSU has two off-weeks in a row before heading to Alabama. At this point, with two SEC losses, the Tigers can only hope to play the spoiler in Tuscaloosa.


Hey guess what Tigers, you don't win that game if Manziel doesn't get hurt. The truth hurts, don't it? A&M was up 10 when Johnny went down and they were still in a position to win the game at the end. Auburn is getting a lot of love, and for good measure, but this is far from the 11th best team in the country. I have to give Gus some credit for turning the Auburn train wreck around so quickly but how much longer can they continue to win while throwing for only 194 yards a game? My guess is all the way to the Iron Bowl.

Texas A&M

Your defense is as abomination. We all saw a glimpse of what A&M will look like without Johnny in the backfield during the 4th quarter and it was about as awful as your defense. Seriously, you better learn to play SOME defense (even a little would help) if you have any hopes of winning games, let alone the SEC, next year. Oh, and you'll have no Mike Evans. Welcome to 6-6, Aggs.

Ole Miss

Congrats on the quality win at home against the Tigers, Black Bears. That stretch of Alabama, Auburn, A&M and LSU has left your defense in shambles. Luckily you have three cupcakes before ending the year with Mizzou and MSU.


52-0 looks worse this year then it did in 2012. At least last year you could blame it all on your head coach, the team quitting and a motorcycle. What's your excuse this go around?  I took some grief calling Arky terrible but what word better describes this team at this moment? Awful? Frightful? Shocking? (and not the good kind) Crummy? Lousy? Sad?