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SEC Power Poll Week 8: WTF Just Happened (REDUX)

Ummm, Ess Eee Cee?

May be apostasy, but this guy is reason 1B or 1C why the Tigers control their SEC fate.
May be apostasy, but this guy is reason 1B or 1C why the Tigers control their SEC fate.
Thomas B. Shea
Here's what we submitted at the Mothership. Suffice it to say, that moreso than any other week, we know absolutely nothing about the SEC other than 1. Mizzou, Alabama and Auburn control their destiny, and 2. Kentucky may rebuild before Arkansas.
  1. Alabama: Name your score game: Zero turnovers, zero penalties, zero points allowed. Run game racked up 350 yards, while defensive starters allowed 66 on the ground. Bad news, SEC; it looked like an Alabama team again, just in time for the LSU/Auburn/Tennessee stretch run.
  2. Missouri: With Florida’s injuries, this is the best defensive line in the conference. Hat tip to Pinkel for not protecting Maty Mauk: The Tigers were aggressive the entire game, and clearly played to win. How wrong we were thinking this was the expansion weak-link.
  3. Auburn: Dominant running game, fierce pass rush, physical offensive line, opportunistic secondary, and Sammy Coates can absolutely fly (when he catches the ball.) Tre Mason is the engine that makes this train run. Cannot say enough about Malzahn’s work rebuilding the headspace of this team.
  4. South Carolina: Lost a shootout to a healthy UGA team, and Spurrier gave one away with some baffling late-game management against Tennessee. I’m not ready to sell on this team just yet. Clowney is clearly healthy again, and the passing game may become more dynamic down the stretch, even with Shaw’s injury. Mike Davis is the conference’s most complete back.
  5. LSU: Can we panic over that defense yet? This was a one-sided game irrespective of the final score. Evil Mett returned, Evil Clock Management returned, and the Tigers abandoned the run down the stretch. One of the worst, if not paradigmatic, losses of the Miles era.
  6. Texas A&M: Johnny Manziel wouldn’t be called on for continual heroics if the Aggies played the other side of the ball occasionally. And, goodness, why is Mike Evans not in the Heisman talk?
  7. Georgia: Easily the worst of the weekend’s losses, even with the injuries. The Dawgs were outgained, outplayed, disinterested and yet still held a 13-point lead in the fourth. The ‘Dores wanted to be there, wanted to win, and played like it. Murray was not at all his normal self; too bad the defense and special teams were.
  8. Ole Miss: Finally put it all together in a big game. Run game was good, Dr. Bo was crisp, defense played lights out, and Hugh Freeze coached well down the stretch. Games like this make the previous three losses all the more painful, I’d imagine, because the Rebels have serious talent.
  9. Tennessee: I know UT lost the head-to-head with Florida, and that Florida has the superior defense and talent, but do you honestly think the Gators would like a rematch with a Vols team that has improved exponentially each week? Butch Jones has this team believing, and Worley is growing up in front of our eyes.
  10. Florida: Aside from Croom or Shula, have we seen an SEC offense this consistently bad the past decade or so? Offensive line is offensive, defensive line is a triage unit, quarterbacking is a liability, and the playcalling is worse. The WLOCP is going to be absolutely unwatchable.
  11. Vanderbilt: I still have no idea how the Commodores won that game.And I watched it happen.
  12. MississippiState: On the bye, maybe Mullen found a way to settle down Dak, who I still think can be a good SEC quarterback.
  13. Kentucky: Sometimes a bye helps you out, such as here when you can watch Arkansas get dismantled and realize that you aren’t the worst team in the conference.
  14. Arkansas: Hard to argue with the bottom spot, having lost the past two games 104-7. Alex Collins is a nice back, but is there honestly any other guy on the roster that would crack the two-deep in the conference’s elite or middle tier? All signs point to a slow, painful rebuild.