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Your Friday Hoodoo Thread │#StopFallWeddings

Our weekly attempt to curry favor with the Football Gods by admitting our moral, intellectual, and cultural shortcomings in a very public manner.

Find out how to Hoodoo, here.

This is #TennesseeHateWeek, people. Saturday's game isn't against some random SEC opponent like Auburn or LSU. This is Tennessee and there is no greater reason to hoodoo than to guarantee a humiliating defeat for the Viles.

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Recorded myself singing a Miley Cyrus song AND ate oatmeal ...

Ate a raw Habanero pepper...

Submitted an a poop filled embarrassing admission...

Promised to get a manicure for a win against Ole Miss..

Admitted I had problems on my honeymoon

Added pedicure to the already embarrassing manicure for UK.

Admitted to foolishly subjecting myself to physical and emotional pain to impress a lady friend.

Bammer's Submission

My admission this week is two fold...

1. I missed the 2006 Third Saturday In October not due to a birth of a child, nor a death of a close one or even a wedding.....

I skipped this game voluntarily because my wife wanted to go see a light show at Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA. That's right...I am a failure.

2. Tomorrow I will miss this game because of a wedding. Before you yell at me, the bride is a close friend of my wife and she stood by us through some particular trying times about three years ago. Now, though this isn't embarrassing for me per say #StopFallWeddings I am submitting this admission on behalf of the groom (who I have yet to meet) #StopFallWeddings.

His shortsightedness caused him to schedule his wedding during a Georgia bye week #StopFallWeddings. What he failed to realize is that forever and ever amen, his anniversary will fall DURING football season #StopFallWeddings. Weekend getaways, trips, parties etc will all eventually fall during a game week. He's gonna miss future games because he failed to properly prioritize his life as a young man..#StopFallWeddings.

Gentleman and ladygents, don't let this happen to you. There are 52 weeks in a year and 40 of them fall non football weekends. My anniversary is in May and all my kids birthdays are in the Spring and Summer. If you think that was happenstance, you've underestimated my gumpness.

Roll Tide and #StopFallWeddings

Your Sweetheart Alternative: Alexis Knapp