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The Jumbo Package │10.29.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

Kevin C. Cox

'Red team' comments were made 'out of respect' for Alabama, Tennessee coach Butch Jones says |

Jones said he wasn't aware of McCarron's and other Crimson Tide players' post-game comments,

AJ "I never really say anything about the other team, but I kinda took this personal," McCarron said. "I felt disrespected. To say we don't deserve the respect of calling us Alabama and calling us 'red team' and for their head coach to come out and say they can play against anybody. "I don't think we're just anybody. We won two national championships in a row and we're undefeated right now. So we're not just anybody."

Cornerback Deion Belue said he heard the comments as well. "We can be the red team, but we're going to be the Navy SEAL red team," Belue said with a smile. "When we step in, everything stops and we get straight to business."

Jones clarified that his instructions to his players to refer to Alabama as "the red team" were done "out of respect." "I think Alabama's built such a great reputation, and very deservingly so, that I think when you go play Alabama, the name Alabama gives them 14 points already because of the respect that people have," Jones told reporters in Knoxville. "I said it last week and I'll continue to say it. I respect their football program and what they've done as much or more than anyone in the country. I have to prepare our football team and it's part of them understanding that it's a great rivalry. I said it, to make the rivalry relevant; we've got to win some of those.

Tony Barnhart's advice to Tennessee's Butch Jones: 'Don't make AJ McCarron mad' (audio) |

"Just a note to (Tennessee) coach (Butch) Jones, 'Don't make AJ McCarron mad. Don't do that. Because AJ McCarron will light you up," Barnhart told The Tim Brando Show on Monday. "You don't need to motivate Alabama.  "Don't call them the team in red or the red team. Don't do that."

Alabama football: Tide plans to take advantage of bye week | The Montgomery Advertiser

"This bye week comes at a really good time for us," Saban said. "We’ve got a lot of guys nicked up who could use the rest, and we can also use the time to help some of our players improve. That’s going to be our focus for this week." Alabama has played well despite a string of injuries "It’s well needed for us," cornerback Deion Belue said. "We had four straight SEC games. It’s needed. In the SEC, we bring it hard every week. We have LSU next, and they are going to come in and bang some more."

Florida State's Jimbo Fisher on Alabama's ranking: They've 'earned it for two years' |

"Alabama's been very consistent, playing great defense right now, they have playmakers that can run the football, they're very physical, and they've done it and earned it for two years," Fisher said, per

Nick Saban says suspending players is like parenting, punishments must send a message |

"But suspensions are something that are no different than being a parent," Saban said. "I don't like to suspend anybody and I'm sure nobody out there likes to punish their children when they don't do the right things." And he knows what will get their attention the most. "But the one thing that we can do is if we are going to punish someone, it has to be something that's going to change their behavior and most of the guys want to play," Saban said. "So when they don't do the right things and they don't play, it seems to change their behavior for the best.

Cam Cameron has LSU offense headed in right direction |

"We needed a guy that had a great knowledge of football and had success really at every level," Miles said. "I knew he would make a great impact on our offense." He has done that. LSU ranks higher in every major offensive category — total yards, passing yards, rushing yards and points per game — than it did at the end of last season.

Why So Angry? - And The Valley Shook

There's been an unending din of constant bitching from the LSU fan base over the last few weeks and if we're honest, dating back to a certain January bowl game in 2012. LSU is 7-2, ranked 13th in the BCS standings, and have lost two games on the road by a combined 6 points. There's two huge games left on the schedule which promise to be pretty exciting. Oh, and the overriding emotion from the LSU fan base is one of extreme anger.

For third straight year, Alabama-LSU kickoff set for primetime |

Kickoff for the Crimson Tide's showdown with the Tigers at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Nov. 9 is set for 7 p.m. central on CBS..

Alabama Women's Soccer Loses in Overtime at No. 23 Ole Miss, 2-1 - ROLLTIDE.COM - Q&A with Trevor Releford - ROLLTIDE.COM - (video)

MR. GOLF: Alabama building a special golf program |

Alabama's Krystal Rivers is SEC co-Freshman of Week |