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Hypothetical....Friday? Could a one loss SEC team jump an undefeated Louisville or Ohio State?

It's Georgia State week and we need some high quality debate around here.

Jamie Sabau

Y'all may remember the Hypothetical Tuesday series I did back a few months back where I proposed outlandish hypothetical situations that was nothing more than an attempt to get us all through the dark days of summer..

Well, after speaking with a buddy of mine today, another hypothetical question arose and I figured today was the perfect day to have a meaningless discussion about something not "Suspension" related.

The Hypothetical

A one loss SEC team advances to the BCS National Title game over an undefeated Louisville and/or Ohio State...

My first thought was NOPE. General SEC fatigue around the country set in about three championships ago. Also, the thought of THE Ohio State being left out seems like an unlikely scenario. However, that's not how the BCS works. Given Louisville's laughable schedule and that tOSU is likely to give away a game against Purdue, Illinois, Indiana or Michigan late in the year, over-all perception could, once again, move into the SEC's favor .

To make this hypothetical situation work, every SEC team must have at least one loss (duh), three out of the four of Stanford, Oregon, Clemson or FSU must also have at least a loss taking them out of contention, and either UL or OSU must already have a loss..

Basically the rankings have to look like this....

1. Insert undefeated team

2. UL or OSU

3. Insert one loss SEC team

How it might happen:

UGA- Has a loss to Clemson, which came in week 1, but wins out beating UF, USC, LSU and the eventual SEC West champion (possibly a #1 ranked Alabama) in the process. Four wins against ranked opponents

Alabama- With a loss to LSU in November (who later loses to A&M), Alabama (with the help of some losses around the country) beats UGA in the SEC CG. Three wins against ranked opponents

LSU- Their only loss is a barn burner to UGA, they beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa and A&M, win out and get revenge against UGA. Four wins (if you count TCU) against ranked opponents

Texas A&M- Their only loss is the shoot out against Alabama at home, they beat LSU and throttle UGA in the SEC CG. Two wins against ranked opponents

UF- The most unlikely of scenarios, beats LSU, UGA, USC, FSU and then either A&M or Bama in the SEC CG. Five wins against ranked opponents

USC- With wins against UF and Clemson late in the year and against either LSU, A&M or Bama in the SEC CG. Three wins against ranked opponents

Remember, by the end of the season an undefeated Louisville team will have zero wins against ranked opponents and OSU may have only one.

So, could we see a scenario where a one loss SEC team, given the strength of schedule and quality wins, would jump either UL or OSU in the final poll before the BCS Championship game? And if so, would the B1G simply implode on-itself in one final move of deviance against the BCS?