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SEC Power Poll Week 6: Tire Fire Edition

Welcome to the tire fire that is the SEC '13

Good luck with everyone below Auburn. You can make an argument for every order that one could imagine. The only other thing of note is that, having seen LSU four times now, I'm not sure that they can beat Aggie head-to-head, and this week's Power Poll reflects that. As usual, check over with our Southron Mother Pod, Team Speed Kills, for the complete results.
  1. Alabama: The only thing to take away from this shameful homecoming snoozer is that AJ McCarron can pass very effectively against a stiff breeze, and the Crimson Tide has the deepest, best corps of receivers in the nation. The team -outside of Aggie, has still only surrendered one TD.
  2. Georgia: Not sure if the Dawgs are going to stay here or head to Seoul to reunite with the M*A*S*H crew. The Mizzou game should be a good test for a young secondary, and will give the now-starting freshmen running backs some reps.
  3. Texas A&M: In what is now apparently an offensive league, the head-to-head with LSU has to go to the team with the better individual players. In this case, that is the best QB-WR tandem in the country. Should have a field day against a mediocre-to-bad Ole Miss team.
  4. LSU: LSU's defense in the first half versus Miss. St. was not a fluke. Blown coverages, busted assignments, lack of speed in the secondary, and generally getting pushed around are the new normal. Still not sure anyone can stop the offense though.
  5. Florida: Lookie, lookie -Florida has a quarterback, and subsequently a functional offense that can score three or four times a game...yes, touchdowns, too. Throw in one of the nation's best defenses, and LSU is on upset notice.
  6. South Carolina: The Quit-for-Clowney meme is alive and well...thanks to Clowney himself. Efforts against UK and UCF show that this team is resilient enough to win 9-10 games, but it won't be aesthetically pleasing at all. Shaw is criminally underrated.
  7. Mizzou: James Franklin is healthy, and that is not good news for the SEC's middle class, which is about where the Tigers are. The schedule has been a bit better than appeared at first blush, and MU absolutely mauled Vandy at the point of attack. UGA may be a fun shootout.
  8. Auburn: Bend-don't-break defense that gives up all yards and none of the scores. An offense that won't scare anyone, but puts enough on the board to beat average teams. Malzahn, as we guessed he might, has this team (especially the lines) playing way above their heads and talent level.
  9. Mississippi State: Ran out of steam, ran out of depth, and then got it ran up in the 4th. Still, the game was a lot closer than the final score. Mistakes are to be expected with a young starting QB, but unforced errors gave it away.
  10. Ole Miss: Riding an 0-fer State of Alabama streak and an 0-fer commonsense streak as well, I am still wondering when Hugh Freeze will stop treating every drive as the very last one of the game. Things do not get better versus the Aggies this week. If Scott doesn't tote it 20 times versus a very porous TAMU run defense, Oxford may rightly wonder what kind of head man they have.
  11. Tennessee: Justin Worley has been reborn a new, hard man. Made all the right throws at the right times. The defense has improved weekly, and the young corners will be very good in a year or so. I still hurt for Pig Howard; what an awful way to end a great day for him and great game by the Vols.
  12. Arkansas: Stop me if you've heard this one before: Arkansas DL wears down, linebackers aren't making plays and the secondary is out of position most of the night. This is becoming a trend.
  13. Kentucky: The ‘Cats never stopped clawing their way back against a USC team they had no right resisting. Stoops would kill a man for a few quality wide receivers.
  14. Vandy: Putrid performance. Bullied all night on both sides of the ball. Secondary is a hot mess of inestimable woe and the offense runs more hot-and-cold than a YMCA's shower.