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RBR Podcast: Calling All Gumps | Episode 6


After a one week hiatus, we are back in business. Bammer decided to lay out again, so this week's podcast featured JTadpole, Ricky Muncie, and myself.

Considering the lack of a real game last week, we tried out a bit of a different format. Let us know if you like this format and want us to continue doing the broader approach in the future.

Here are the topics we hit on:

  • Thoughts on the Georgia State game
  • How are you feeling about the team compared to preseason expectations?
  • Who do we see winning the East and West divisions now?
  • Picks for Saturday's games (Texas/Oklahoma, Missouri/Georgia, Florida/LSU)
  • Picks for upcoming game against Kentucky
  • Upset picks for Saturday

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Roll Tide.