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The Jumbo Package │11.14.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide and College Football related links and quotes

Kevin C. Cox

Also, SBN Recruiting has a post up about it as well or you can just watch below. Roll Tide.

C.J. Mosley 'perfect linebacker prospect,' Senior Bowl's scouting report says |

"On the field, he has outstanding instincts in reading run/pass and the athletic talent needed to go make a play," Savage wrote. "As the Tide signal-caller, he handles all of the checks and re-checks that go into making the Bama defense one of the most sophisticated in the country."

With 71 tackles this season, Mosley has almost twice as many as any other player for Alabama, which is tied for the national lead in scoring defense, giving up an average of 10.6 points per game. "With modern football evolving to more of a 'space' game, C.J. is the perfect linebacker prospect because of his versatility in defending the run and pass and the flexibility his skill set will give a creative defensive coordinator," Savage wrote.

I think Mosley will need to put on a few more pounds to be able to handle the NFL running game/ offensive lineman but he has everything else you'd want in Will linebacker.

Saban is quoted as saying, "I trust C.J. to do anything...Watch my kids. Take care of my house." Something tells me that he wouldn't say the same about Ro.

'Too early' to tell whether Alabama cornerback Bradley Sylve will be available vs. Mississippi State |

"He's still not 100 percent. Getting better, not 100 percent," Saban said. "We did not think this was that serious of a thing. We thought he could be over it more quickly. "When you play his position, you can't be not 100 percent. You've got to be able to run. We're still encouraged by what he's able to do and hopefully he'll be ready to play in this game. I think it's too early to make that call right now."

Can't tell if this is a shot at Bradley or insight into the significance of his injury. Either way, his recovery is taking much longer than originally expected.

Ivan Maisel remembers his favorite memories from more than 90 FBS stadiums - ESPN

Williams-Brice Stadium, South Carolina First Game I Saw: It was in the 1990s. I remember that ... Best Game I Saw: (2004) Georgia 20, South Carolina 16 The Gamecocks took a 16-0 lead against the No. 3 Dawgs in the second quarter and gained only 79 yards thereafter. One of the great comebacks on the road I've ever covered. The Thing About Williams-Brice: It has everything but a campus. Great, distinctive-looking stadium (those light towers!) with the Cockaboose Railroad outside for tailgating. I just wish it weren't at the state fairgrounds.

If you listened to our podcast this week, and if you haven't you probably should, you'd know I announced that Slice and I will be attending the Florida-South Carolina game this coming weekend thanks to SBN and Hampton Inns. I've never attended a game in Williams-Brice Stadium and I'm generally excited to see things through the 'Cocks eyes (pun intended).

Fitty gave us some advice on what to wear and the traffic but if anyone else has some advice please fire away in the comments.

Decision Day: 5-star Da'Shawn Hand set to choose between Alabama, Michigan & Florida (poll, predictions) |

Virginia defensive end Da'Shawn Hand will announce his college decision, choosing between Alabama, Florida and Michigan. The 6-foot-4, 254-pound defensive end is rated among the top overall prospects in the country and is a unanimous five-star prospect according to the major recruiting services.

I think everyone who isn't a gump firmly believes Da'Shawn will be going to Michigan but don't count out Saban and company as they are pretty good at this recruiting thing.

What we know right now on the Jameis Winston TMZ Story - Tomahawk Nation

It is important to note that Jameis Winston has not been charged with any crime, even though police have had 11 months to do so. And we don't even have reason to believe that Winston remains a suspect. Also, the description in the police report of the suspect is of someone between 5'9 and 5'11, and 240 pounds. While laypeople may be poor at estimating height and weight, Winston is 6'4 and was smaller than his listed 235 pounds in early December 2012 (he added noticeable weight in the off-season program).

I want to tread lightly cause of my general dislike of FSU but there honestly looks like nothing to see here. The "facts" don't really match up and the case has been open for nearly a year. Also, Winston's attorney said everyone thought the case was closed back in January. Me thinks a bitter gator fan leaked the story to try and hurt Winston's credibility and distract the team. And if that is true, shame on that person.

Winston seems to be a good guy and if the charges are false all this has done is tarnish his reputation. If the charges are true I hope he is punished to the full extent of the law but something inside me says there's hardly even smoke here and certainly not fire.

Alabama football: Fowler's red zone production jumps out | The Montgomery Advertiser

Check out the season statistics for the Alabama football team, and you’ll find a curiosity in the receiving numbers. Quarterback AJ McCarron is having another successful season passing as expected. He has completed 159 of 229 passes for 2,041 yards and 19 touchdowns with a 226.8 quarterback rating.

A strong passing offense was predicted from the Crimson Tide with McCarron and a deep group of receivers such as Kevin Norwood, Christion Jones and others. The strange stat is in the receiving touchdowns category. The co-leaders are big-playmaker Norwood and part-time player Jalston Fowler.

I was shocked that the boot-leg, play action pass to Fowler worked TWICE against LSU, even though one was called back due to an illegal procedure penalty. The good news is that now teams must respect Fowler coming out of the backfield, which should open things up for inside runs.

Missed interception opportunities gnawing at Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley |

"He was upset at himself," junior linebacker Trey DePriest said. "He knows that. He catches those. That’s unheard of for C.J. to drop an interception." Mosley had two opportunities against the Tigers, both of which came on possessions in which LSU would finish with points.

He (CJ) was obviously upset at the dropped INT to open the 2nd half and it showed on the next play where he was out of position on an inside run. But I'm sure the coaching staff is perfectly fine with him getting his big paws on passes going over the middle...

Mississippi State News and Notes

Mississippi State vs. Alabama: The Big Preview - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

In this week's The Big Preview, we take a good, thorough, and completely serious look at the Alabama Crimson Tide by way of our Totally Serious Opponent Report, our traditional Game Preview, and our matchups preview.  This week's edition of The Big Preview is a little leaner than usual, but we're lean and mean, and we've still got that crazy look in our eyes like Bobby Boucher when you start talking about Gatorade, son.

WE WANT BAMA - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

We want Bama, but in a different sport.  After all, the sign doesn't say "WE WANT BAMA IN FOOTBALL".

Looks like our bros over at FWtCT have a sense of humor regarding their chances against Alabama. Good blog, funny guys and good content. Go forth and read.