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The Jumbo Package │11.18.13

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Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

Kevin C. Cox

It was fun, but that effort won't help Auburn upset Alabama - NCAA Football - Sporting News

Because if we can take anything away from Auburn’s unreal and unthinkable — and basically, stolen — victory over Georgia, it’s this: Auburn can’t beat Alabama. The Auburn team that jumped to a 27-7 lead over Georgia and looked unbeatable could. The Tigers team that finished the game and needed the best play in the history of plays to somehow win a game it had no business winning, can not. It’s that simple.

The same could be said about the Alabama team, at least from the offensive side of the ball, that showed up Saturday night. If we have four turnovers and give Auburn that many red-zone attempts we probably lose the game. It's that simple, 'aight.

'Rammer Jammer,' 'Roll Tide' and 41 other things that University of Alabama can sue you over |

Phrases or words the university claims rights to are:

  • The University of Alabama
  • Alabama
  • Bama
  • U of A
  • Crimson Tide
  • Roll Tide
  • Rammer Jammer

The university owns the rights to those phrases as well as five other names -- including "Alabama" -- and 36 logos, seals, and symbols. Any use of a university trademark requires written approval from the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), which administers university licensing.

Well this is just getting silly. What's next, The Process©?

ANALYSIS: T.J. Yeldon breaks loose after first quarter |

Even in helping Yeldon to a big night, the offensive line was tough on itself after the game. "That's the most physical team we've played all season. It was a battle up front," senior right guard Anthony Steen said. "It took us a while to warm up. Once we got going and we were finding our groove, we started playing better. You can say that (Yeldon) had a few long runs, but we felt we should have gave him more."

I find it interesting that after playing LSU, Ole Miss and VT,  Steen would say that MSU was the most physical team they have played all season. Bully always gives us fits in Starkville but that is still surprising to hear.

Four downs: Talking Nick Saban's reluctance to ask for a replay, Alabama punter Cody Mandell and more |

Only one question truly perked up Saban following a sloppy night in Starkville. It centered on his punter, of all players, Cody Mandell. Saban used "fantastic" twice along with "fabulous" and "huge" to describe the best night of Mandell's career. Mandell's four punts went for an average of 55 yards. More importantly, his net of 53.8 was hands down his best of the season, as all but one of his punts was boomed and positioned well enough to put Mississippi State in tough spots. Three of Mandell's four punts were followed by three-and-outs from the Mississippi State offense.

Mandell won MVP of the MSU game and according to Cecil Hurt, Cody was the only offensive player to be graded out with an A. I have to say he may be the most improved player I have seen under Saban. We was a liability as a freshman but now is one of our best weapons.

Breaking down the Alabama turnover issue and why it's not as bad as it may seem |

As a whole, Alabama's limited the impact after turnovers this season. Opponents have scores on 4 of 11 Tide mistakes with two touchdowns and two field goals. And the Tide is on pace to have fewer turnovers than a year ago. The 2012 national champions had 12 lost fumbles compared to six this season. At least one was lost in 10 of the 14 games last fall. That just means Saturday's performance was out of character. That's especially true for McCarron. Alabama's fifth-year senior is the NCAA record holder with an average of one interception in every 83.5 attempts.

Another interesting tidbit this morning. I think we all look at the 2012 team, especially the offensive line, with much higher regard than we probably should. That team was great and will always be one of my favorites but I think we forget sometimes about the struggles that team had early on in the year. By seasons end the '12 offensive line, one that is considered the greatest ever at Bama, ended the year with 23 sacks allowed. The 2013 O-line? Currently tied for 9th with only nine sacks allowed.

Alabama legend Ozzie Newsome stays in Chicago with illness following Ravens' game with Bears |

"Ozzie Newsome did not feel well after today's game and a team doctor recommended that Ozzie not fly tonight," according to an official statement from the Ravens. Multiple news outlets reported that Newsome was taken from the stadium in an ambulance shortly after the game.

Get well soon, Ozzie. Roll Tide (oops, I mean UA , whoops  I mean Alaba...Oh, never mind..)

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