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The Jumbo Package │11.27.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

The One Thing Auburn Can't Do and Win - Team Speed Kills

If Auburn is to hit the sweet spot and pull out the win, there is one thing it cannot do and win: fall behind by much at all.

This is dead on the money. Auburn isn't a team that is built to come from behind. They can score quickly, but only if you have to respect their running game. If they are one dimensional, and by that I mean they HAVE to throw the ball to score, this game will get ugly, real quick.

TAKES: 2ND EDITION, VOLUME 11.5. - College and Magnolia

Gather round, Barners. Let's chat. No one else is here. It's just us. Auburn is not going to defeat Alabama in football in 2013

Oh, thanks CoMa! Let's just call off the game and enjoy our Saturday eating left-overs.

Undercover Barner: On Belief - College and Magnolia

One of the most hurtful things said to me recently was right before the Georgia game: "Why do you get so starry-eyed about Auburn when you don’t even have a degree from there?"

Man, seriously, screw Auburn fans. I didn't go to Alabama, sue me. She didn't go to Auburn and now she's somehow less of a fan. Get a life, Auburn. Your barner insecurity is showing. A person's allegiance to a football team (not a University) should start well before you ever go to college and frankly, it wouldn't have mattered where I went to college cause my love for Alabama wouldn't have changed.

If all you got is "Sidewalk alum" as an insult, generally speaking, you probably suck as a person.


Alabama practice report: Arie Kouandjio improves on injured ankle, another starting lineman's hand heavily taped |

Anthony Steen, the starting guard on the other side, sported a club on his right hand. It appeared to be just a big ball of tape that covered all five fingers. He still worked with the first team and didn't seem to have any issues during the media viewing period.

This hasn't been widely reported yet but it seems as if Ryan Kelly hurt his knee in practice yesterday. I had two different people on the "inside" confirm the injury, but the extent is not yet known. First reports said it was an ACL/MCL tear, my sources have told me it may not be that serious. Hopefully we get clarification today, if it's not already happened.

I have already noticed people are quick to dismiss the supposed loss of Kelly due to how well Chad Lindsay looked while Kelly nursed a strained knee ligament mid-season. Admittedly, I was one of those people who thought Lindsay should have kept the starting job once Kelly was healthy, but the coaches must see something in Kelly that they don't see in Lindsay and that, at the very least, should give us all pause.

Soooooooooo....We have Steen with a heavily bandaged hand (makes holding that much harder), Arie with a bum ankle and now Kelly may either be out for good or perhaps has tweaked his knee.

Nightmare scenario ENGAGED.

Alabama football: Tide's cornerbacks expect to be tested | The Montgomery Advertiser

Auburn, while primarily a running team, can pass the ball when needed. The No. 4 Tigers depend on the misdirection running of the spread option offense. Cornerbacks will be left out on an island to cover receivers and make tackles. They’ll have to choose the right read between the two on many plays. "The one thing you have to do when you play Auburn, everybody on the perimeter has to tackle well, has to play blockers well," head coach Nick Saban said. "Their receivers do a really good job of blocking. You’ve got to be able to play cut blocks. You’ve got to be able to play physical on the edges. You’ve got to keep good contain and good support position all the time."

I've said this all week. Marshall throws a pretty decent deep ball (lots of air underneath and fairly accurate) and if our corners, especially ::insert who our 2nd corner may be at this point::, are left on an island and are caught looking in the backfield...Nightmare scenario #2 engaged!

The top 5 love-hate chants in college football, include three from the SEC, says |

Per the report: "The title alone puts this game-day chant in the running. Alabama's Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer hits foes and fans over the head in more ways than one."

#1 Rocky Top- "Attend a game in Neyland Stadium, and it'll be like attending a three-hour concert consisting of one song on repeat. If you're wearing orange and white, you'll be in heaven. If not, this song will break you down."

FALSE. Tennessee has to do something good for us to hear Rocky Top and I haven't heard that song in quite a while.

Auburn running game preparing to face 'the best we've played' in Alabama's run defense |

Auburn ranks second in the country, averaging 320.3 yards per game behind the SEC's leading rusher in Mason, the No. 4 rushing quarterback in the nation in Nick Marshall and an offensive line that has paved the way for more than 370 yards per game on the ground since the Tigers' first bye week. On the other side of the coin, Alabama's run defense, led by linebackers C.J. Mosley and Trey DePriest, is fourth in the country at 91.3 yards per game allowed.

This is really the match-up of the game; Our front seven verses the Auburn offensive line. If we win that battle convincingly, it'll be a blow out in favor of the Tide.

Are Alabama fans 'spoiled by success'? (poll) |

"You come to a crossroads and the expectations get so great, people get spoiled by success and there gets to be a lack of appreciation," Terry Saban said. "We're kind of there now." The comments set off intense discussion on talk radio, message boards, and in our own comments section here at

The answer is yes and maybe Mrs. Terry/ Coach Saban are just trying to make a point. Perhaps they just want fans to wake up and realize that we are spoiled beyond measure...