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Iron Bowl: Alabama vs. Auburn Open Thread

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It's finally time...

May the sun shine on you all day, AJ.
May the sun shine on you all day, AJ.
Kevin C. Cox

Here it is, folks. The most important Iron Bowl in history, at least in terms of national implications. Very simply, win and go on to Atlanta with a chance to cement this senior class as the most successful in college football history. Lose and go to a consolation BCS bowl. For those who bleed Crimson, the stakes simply don't get any higher than that. We have broken this game down every way possible. We have discussed all of the schemes, statistics, the "what has to happen," made our predictions, offered our embarrassing admissions, and made our sacrifices. If Alabama plays its game, the Tide will roll on to the next round. "Hope for the Best" has rarely resonated like it does today. Roll Tide.