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Thursday Night Football | Open Thread

You like football? 'Cuz I got you some football.

"Draw me like one of your French girls..."
"Draw me like one of your French girls..."

Okay, so here's the thing. Apparently, while the the 2013 season was being delivered, the transport hit a pothole or something and spilled some of this week's Saturday schedule over to Thursday night. That mixup is our gain, though, because tonight, we get to watch four (FOUR!) top ten teams in action all at once. It's big enough to have Bill Connelly wondering if it is college football's biggest Thursday ever.

First up, we have No. 10 Oklahoma visiting the No. 6 Baylor Bears. This game kicks off at 6.30pm CT on Fox Sports 1, and should be a fun one, as it is the first legitimate test Baylor has faced, and will tell us a lot about that team. Unfortunately, most people are only going to watch the first half of this game, because...

At 8:00pm CT, No. 3 Oregon kicks off against No. 5 Stanford on ESPN. The Ducks are playing their toughest game to date (and will be doing it on the road). This one has huge implications for the BCS Championship race, as the Ducks arguably have a downhill climb from this point on. The smart money says if Oregon can win tonight, they'll be in Pasadena for the big one in January.

Given the magnitude of these games, I figured we'd kick this one off a bit earlier than usual. What are you guys thinking about these games? Anything in particular you'll be paying close attention to?