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Your Friday Hoodoo Thread │Man Grooming Edition

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Our weekly attempt to curry favor with the Football Gods by admitting our moral, intellectual, and cultural shortcomings in a very public manner.

If you haven't hoodoo'd yet this season or perhaps you've been going light due to 'Bama's weak schedule of late, YOU BETTER GET YOU MIND RIGHT. If last night's chaos didn't provide all the reasons in the world to hoodoo, then I don't know what will.

I hope to gawd Oregon fans are tracking down the people who made the "WE WANT BAMA" shirts and pulling a little code red type discipline of their own..

Previous Hoodoo Submissions

Recorded myself singing a Miley Cyrus song AND ate oatmeal ...

Ate a raw Habanero pepper...

Submitted an a poop filled embarrassing admission...

Promised to get a manicure for a win against Ole Miss..

Admitted I had problems on my honeymoon

Added pedicure to the already embarrassing manicure for UK.

Admitted to foolishly subjecting myself to physical and emotional pain to impress a lady friend.

Admitted to missing a TSIO to watch a light show at Stone Mountain Georgia and helped spread the word to finally #StopFallWeddings

LSU Hoodoo

I tweeze my eye brows, voluntarily..

You see, generally speaking, I'm not all that hairy. I won't get in to the particulars but there's not much chest or back hair in which to speak of.  I guess it's the half ginger in me (arm/leg hair blonde, head hair is brown, beard is red).

However, my beard hair is crimson red, thick and coarse and that hair grows in my eye brows, along with the thin blond hair. See image below:


I never really noticed until my wife and I started dating. Apparently, my brows were completely out of control and she took it upon herself to trim them for me. Well, after 12 years of being together, it is no longer my wife but I who tweeze these bad boys. Probably the most embarrassing part is that I like to tweeze them on Saturday's while watching football.

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