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Sunday Morning Hangover: Ouch

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

I must apologize. I am not an appropriate person to be reporting/commenting on this game because I did not see the last few seconds of the 4th quarter. For some odd reason, my TV went black after the Adam Griffith field goal attempt was fielded and returned about 60 yards or so. Therefore, I really don't know what happened in the Iron Bowl on Saturday. No need to fill me in, thanks.

I don't know how you spent the moments after the game ended but I went on Facebook and told my "Friends" to not talk to me for at least a week. Then I went into instant media blackout (still in effect). Next, I cranked up my stereo listening to Led Zeppelin I and II while imbibing in my favorite beverage. When I was in college at the Capstone, there were times when I would get a little depressed. The remedy was always to tune up some Plant-Page-JPJ&Bonzo. Thankfully, some of my best buds in college were into LZ as well (or they were converts).

The worst part was that that darn Bammer got me thinking: Do I invest too much into Alabama football? My family definitely comes first and I would defend them with my life if it came to that. After spending Thanksgiving with the family and realizing how little college football means to them, it helped me realize that it is perfectly fine to have a sports team you root for and have pride in but you should not let it dominate your life.

It sucks that our team lost to that team and those fans but life goes on and there are bigger things to worry about (NO POLITICS!). If someone tries to gloat or troll you, just respond with "ROLL TIDE". We can still take the high road and hold our heads high for we are the Crimson Tide.

That said, here is some comic relief:

I will not be jumping ship (or a ledge). I will continue to report on the Crimson Tide as long as you will have me because I am too full of Alabama to not soldier on and I hope you will too.

My hope now is that Florida State or Mizzou goes on to annihilate whatever team they meet in the Championship Game. If Saban can't win it, it would be nice to see one of his good friends in Jimbo Fisher or Gary Pinkel do it.

BTW, I wrapped up my evening with The Replacements' 1987 platter "Pleased to Meet Me". A fine album.

ROLL TIDE and...