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The Oklahoma Offense: A Statistical Breakdown

Easing our way into coverage of the Sugar Bowl with a brief statistical look at the Oklahoma offense.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With the Sugar Bowl still three weeks away, the pain of the Iron Bowl still lingering, and rumors abound about Nick Saban, I'm sure many of you have barely given any thought to the Oklahoma Sooners. But lets take a quick break from the aforementioned topics to look at how the Oklahoma offense has performed this year, statistically speaking.

First the very basic, team statistics:

Oklahoma is averaging 422.5 yards per game, good for 55th (tied with Houston) in the FBS. They're far more successful on the ground than they are through the air. Their ground attack ranks 18th in the FBS in yards per game, at 235.8. On the other hand, their passing game leaves a lot to be desired. They're ranked 99th in the FBS in passing yards per game, at 186.7. This has translated into a scoring offense that ranks 48th in the FBS (31.8 points per game).

Rushing Attack:

This is undeniably the strength of the Oklahoma offense. First off, they run the ball often. Out of 868 total snaps, 529 of them were runs (28th most running plays in the FBS). On those running plays they averaged 5.4 yards per attempt (16th in the FBS).

Passing Attack:

As mentioned above, they only threw the ball on 339 of their 868 total plays (tied for the 99th most passing attempts in the FBS). They only averaged 6.6 yards per passing attempt (91st in the FBS).

Advanced Statistics, per Football Outsiders

Their total offensive efficiency is 29th best in the FBS.

Their offensive S&P+ is 26th best in the FBS.

On 71.1% of their drives they achieved at least one first down (or a touchdown), which is the 41st best percentage in the FBS.

They gained 49.1% of all the yardage available to them during the season, 47th best in the FBS.

As can be expected they were not very explosive. They averaged at least 10 yards per play on only 12.6% of their drives (61st in the FBS).

On the other hand, 17.8% of their drives lasted at least 10 plays, good for 32nd in the FBS.

Overall, they're an above average offense that leans heavily on the ground game. They're going to try to establish the run on early downs, and they'll struggle if they end up behind the chains. Sounds like a team Alabama recently faced, albeit with the far less explosive running attack.

The week before the game I'll break down the schematics of the Oklahoma offense. If there's anything in particular that you all want previewed before then, I'm open to suggestions.