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Nick Saban agrees to extension, will stay at Bama

And all of the people shouted in one voice: "Rejoice."

This news breaks on the heels of the revelation that Mack Brown will seemingly be back at Texas.  As you might expect, Texas fans are not taking this well.  Also, if you'll reference this Sports Illustrated article, you'll see that we here at Roll Bama Roll are doing our part to ease their sufferings.


While it's certainly possible that all of this waiting was just to get an offer to improve whatever deal Saban inevitably would sign with Bama, I think it's potentially telling that Saban agreed to an extension at Bama almost in unison with the revelation that Brown isn't leaving Texas.  We may never know the full story, but I'm not so sure that we didn't dodge another bullet, just as it seems we did last spring.  At this point, it makes sense to wish Mack Brown as much luck as he can get, so those Texas boys will keep their grubby hands to themselves.

Of course, there will be plenty of time for analysis in the coming days.  For now, let's celebrate the return of the once and future king.

Roll Tide.