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The Jumbo Package │12.26.13

Your very merry daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes

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2014 Sugar Bowl - Scouting The Enemy | Alabama Quarterback AJ McCarron - Crimson And Cream Machine

This isn't to say that he's the perfect quarterback because, like Sasquatch and the Loch Ness Monster, such a thing doesn't exist. Sometimes he trusts his receivers too much and will throw into double coverage and sometimes he puts too much air under the ball. However, his pros far outweigh his cons and he'll definitely be a headache for the Sooner defense to limit.

Sounds like a fair assessment to me.  AJ's greatest weakness is throwing the deep ball, especially early in games. Unless the receiver is wide open, he tends to put too much air underneath his throws.

2014 Sugar Bowl - Scouting The Enemy| Bama's Receivers - Crimson And Cream Machine

The scariest part about Alabama's receivers is that Oklahoma has the tendency to play soft coverage and give the receivers a cushion and these guys can make you pay dearly for doing that. They're not really big enough where they're going to out-muscle you but they sure can out-run you. The Sooners may be better served by trying to get physical with them by pushing them around a bit and keeping tight coverage.

I would love to see OU play soft coverage against our wide receivers. Short , to intermediate throws are AJ's specialty and that would also allow for Vogler and/or Howard crossing routes.


Long road led Oklahoma QB David Cornwell to Alabama |

"I feel like it's something I need to do," Cornwell says of his recruiting efforts. "I've got to help build this class up to Coach (Nick) Saban's standards, and like it or not, national championships are the expectations at Alabama. We might be a class that finishes ranked No. 1, but the real question is are we a class that is built to win a national championship?"

I like this kid already..

Alabama football: Earning Captain Awards special for Alabama trio | The Montgomery Advertiser

"Oh it was definitely a surprise," Norwood said. "I knew AJ and C.J. would get it. But me? I’m not really a vocal guy. I’m more of a go out and do type and hope people will follow me. But AJ and C.J. and me, we really deserved it. And to get our hand prints at Denny Chimes along with the legends that have been here, it’s really great."

New Orleans native Landon Collins has little Superdome experience, ready to show teammates his city |

"They ask me all types of stuff about New Orleans and what's going on and what there is to do and stuff like that," he said. "That's what's big to me." That means food too. His favorite New Orleans dish? "Shrimp fettuccine," he said. "I'm going straight seafood."

When it comes to southern food, Nawlens is one of my favorite places on earth. I'm not much for the night life but I could spend days eating myself into a beignet, crawfish and po'boy coma.

Alabama football: Competition at right guard ongoing for Tide | The Montgomery Advertiser

Senior Kellen Williams, junior Leon Brown and redshirt freshman Alphonse Taylor have emerged as the top options. "Probably one of the three of those guys will end up playing right guard, provided we stay healthy everywhere else," Saban said. "So that’s kind of how that’s going right now."

Something tells me had 'Bama made the title game Steen would likely be playing. So, if that is true, I say let the freshman or junior get some reps. I hate it for Williams, but it's time to see what our future holds at left guard.

Who will step up as Alabama's defensive leader in 2014? C.J. Mosley names his top candidate |

"He knows the defense just like I do," Mosley said. "If he comes back like I did, he'll evolve into that every-down linebacker role so people will be able to see his true talents. They'll see he can control the defense and be the only linebacker on the field and make all the calls."

Yeah, the more I think about it, Depriest, Hubbard and Pagan are all likely gone. Yuck, with AJ, HaHa, CyKo, CJ, Steen, Bell,  Belue, Mandell, Norwood and likely a few others all departing for the NFL, I'm starting to get concerned about 2014.