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"Fill In The Blank" Friday

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With Christmas falling mid week, New Years around the corner, no college football games on this weekend and only 'Bama hoops to keep our minds occupied, RBR has been quite dead the past few days. So, to help liven up the place, here are some questions I thought might generate some discussion and/or help us through the weekend.

Roll Tide

FSU will beat Auburn by ______ points #trolltide

Out of the following three players (Hubbard, Pagan, and Depriest) _______ will leave early for the NFL.

(You can choose more than one)

Who will be the starting five offensive lineman for Alabama in 2014? _______, Arie K, Ryan K, ______, _______.

_______ will be the starting QB for Alabama in 2014 (Please explain why)

'Bama Basketball will make the ________ post season tournament.

If Alabama doesn't make the Big Dance in 2013-14, _________ will be the Alabama head coach next season.

________ will be the next head football coach at Texas.

Alabama's record in 2014 will be _______.

The highest drafted player from Alabama in the 2014 NFL draft will be _______ and at the number _______ pick.

AJ McCarron will win _______ number of Super Bowls by the end of his career. (Obvious answer is "all of the them")

________ kept Alabama from winning its third consecutive national title in 2013. (Answer can not be Cade Foster or Auburn)

_________ would be something you'd like to see from RBR during next year's football coverage (and/or during any part of the year)