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Can Alabama still make the BCS Championship game?

Hope springs eternal..

Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Kevin C. Cox

I know Saturday hurt. In fact, I know it still hurts but just like in 2011 and 2012, there is hope. With just a few upsets and a little luck, Alabama could find themselves right back in the BCS mix. Sure, we need nothing less than a small miracle to make it happen but the dream is plausible.

Scenario #1 - Ohio St or FSU lose; Auburn and Mizzou play an awful game in Atlanta; Mizzou wins.

Both teams look terrible and Mizzou pulls out the ugly win. Voters remember how Alabama outplayed Auburn, besides on the final play. The human polls (which make up 2/3's of the BCS) place Bama #2, which is enough to make-up for the one loss in the computer rankings.

Scenario #2 - Ohio St and FSU lose; Mizzou beats Auburn

In this particular dream scenario, to avoid a rematch of Auburn and Mizzou, the northern Tigers would have to soundly defeat Auburn in Atlanta. We can't have voters still believe that Auburn is the 2nd best team in the country, even if they had previously bested Alabama.

Scenario #3 - Ohio St and FSU lose; Auburn defeats Mizzou

This would be the undoing of the college football world. Literally, the BCS and the state of Alabama would spontaneously combust if this were to happen.

The perfect ending to the BCS would have been for Alabama, FSU and Ohio St. to all go undefeated, but the gods looked down poorly on our sacrifices. At this point, we have to wonder if the football gods are even real. I guess we'll find out Saturday night.

Roll Tide