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The Jumbo Package | 12.04.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide news and notes.

Kevin C. Cox

Howard Schnellenberger says Alabama is still best team, but Nick Saban received 'big serving of humility' (report) |

"He's been Mr. Perfect. He's been Mr. Arrogant," Schnellenberger said in an interview with WDRB's Rick Bozich. "There's no reason for that. Every coach all the way down to Little League knows that you cover that field goal."

Starting as an ends coach and finishing as the Crimson Tide's offensive coordinator, Schnellenberger won three national championships as a member of Bryant's coaching staff in the 1960s. He played under Bryant as an end at Kentucky in the 1950s.

What the hell, Schnelly?  It's really weird to have a coaching legend publicly crapping on our coaching legend.  Maybe Schnelly has tried in the past to get some access to the program and was rebuffed?  Either way, if coach says he told the team to watch for the return, then I believe him.  We just failed to execute.  ...just like so many other plays that game.

Alabama kicker Cade Foster breaks silence after Iron Bowl loss |

First there were threats, then support.

By Tuesday, Alabama kicker Cade Foster broke his silence on Twitter after missing three kicks in Saturday's Iron Bowl loss.

Maybe we should back up a bit.  It's nice that people stood beside Cade in light of idiots sending death threats, but lets not all pretend that nothing wrong was done.  It's not okay to go 0-for-3 on your field goals, just as it's not okay for a running back to fumble every time he touches the ball.  Cade absolutely did not lose this game single-handedly, but he absolutely did contribute to the loss.

The issue isn't blaming Cade, it's that people were disproportionately blaming him.

Alabama RB Kenyan Drake: I was not hurt in the Iron Bowl |

Sophomore Kenyan Drake ran four times for 33 yards in the first half, but didn't get another touch or offensive snap in the second. Rumors circulated about why he sat as starter T.J. Yeldon ran a season-high 26 times for 141 yards.

Drake spoke out early Tuesday afternoon.

This is not a good look.  Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but I read this tweet as a (very) thinly veiled complaint about the coaching staff/playing time.  He's publicly saying he could've played and second guessing the decision to not give him the ball.  I'm glad Kenyan is healthy.  And if I've misread his intentions, then I apologize.  If I haven't misread it, though, then I would advise Kenyan to keep that talk to himself in the future.  That's not we do things here.

You know who's absolutely in if this were a playoff year? Bama -

It's simple math. The sample size is doubling from two to four. Not all of those necessarily would be conference champs. In fact, if the playoff were in effect this year, Alabama would be in without so much as winning its division.

Think of an Iron Bowl that would be for seeding. Same for any of the BCS conference championship games. In some ways, their value is actually diminished by a playoff. Say you're No. 1 and lose by a point to an 11-1 team from the opposite division. You win -- remaining in the top four -- by losing.

I don't really buy into all of this.  I guess it's fine to talk about, but I think too many times people are making the mistake of forecasting future results the prism of the current system.  Yes, Alabama only dropped to #4 this year, but that slight drop effectively eliminated us from title contention.  When the top four becomes the cutoff, the committee is going to put much more emphasis on who is ranked four versus five.

We would probably still get in under this exact set of circumstances, but even then, I wouldn't call being in this situation "winning".  We would lose seeding, and be sitting around hoping that we would slip in at #4 (assuming OSU and FSU win).

Zach Mettenberger of LSU Tigers has torn ACL - ESPN

LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger suffered a torn ACL and an MCL sprain during the Tigers' 31-27 victory last week over Arkansas, multiple sources told ESPN.

Mettenberger was hit on his left knee during the fourth quarter by Arkansas defensive tackle Byran Jones. The senior quarterback was wearing a brace on the knee as a precautionary measure, but the force of the hit bent his knee back, causing the damage.

Tough break for Mett.


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