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How To Watch the 2013 SEC Championship Game

We all will be cheering for a Tiger Saturday night, but which one is still up for debate.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

First off, let me say this has been the week of weeks for Alabama fans and Roll 'Bama Roll. We've taken a few on the chin the last couple days and as the manager of RBR, I need to learn timing is everything and not to take criticism so personally. Call it a personality flaw, but I care what people think. Sue me.

I write for and manage RBR. Everything I do is motivated in not only growing this community but generating discussion and thoughtful insight. I don't want to just talk at you but talk with you. This is why we don't censor fan posts, unless they are breaking SBN/RBR posting guidelines. That is a place for fans to vent and have their own voice.

Remember back in the summer when we use to put a poll at the end of every post? That was my directive to the writers to help engage the community and create discussion. All the Sweetheart Battle Royale's, Best plays of 2012, Worst Moment in Bama's History, etc were all designed to help us through the off-season and keep the community together. Even when choosing which articles to link in the Jumbo Package I think, "What will people want to talk about?" That is also why we added commentary to the JP.

This is my vision for Roll 'Bama Roll. I want every type of 'Bama fan to feel welcome here. My heart has always been about the community, not the internet masses that love to judge us.

So, with that said and in the spirit of discussion, how should we all watch the SEC Championship game? The obvious answer is on a T.V. but who exactly should we cheer for? This may come as a shock to some but for me, the ole gut says Mizzou, yet my heart says Auburn.

In my heart of hearts, I am an Alabamian. Though I currently live in Florida, I grew up in Mobile and my pride for the State of Alabama supersedes that of even the University of Alabama. Like it or not, Auburn is located in Alabama, which in turn means Auburn is our brethren. Forget the rivalry, the Iron Bowl and all the nastiness that comes with it. If Auburn wins the SEC, they have shot at bringing the State its fifth national title in a row. Let that sink in.

Do I want Auburn in this position? No, I'd much rather it be Alabama but unless the miracle of all miracles happens Saturday night, Alabama's chances at a three-peat is over.

So I say, suck it up and cheer for the in-state team, even if they are Auburn.

Roll Tide. Roll Alabama.