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Monday Musings: Clowney, Tumbling, Barkley Bumbling

One man's opinion on recent events, Bama sports, and various nonsense.

Should I stay or should I go?
Should I stay or should I go?

  • Like most everyone else, the first question in my mind upon hearing about the robbery involving four Bama football players was simply, "why?" Over the years I have learned that the criminal mind is virtually impossible to comprehend, but these guys had so much ahead of them. Hopefully they can bounce back from this and get their lives together outside of football since their odds of ever playing football for money just took a major hit. I really don't see the loss of these four having much of an impact on Bama's ability to compete for championships. The incident did provide Charles Barkley with another opportunity to embarrass himself, though. Just turrible...

  • The debate over whether Jadeveon Clowney should sit out his junior year to avoid injury is amusing to me. There have been many players over the years who were top-five locks as juniors but decided to come back for senior seasons anyway (remember "Suck for Luck?") Competitors don't sit out to avoid injury. Funniest part is that none of it seems to be driven by Clowney or South Carolina, but by one opinion piece written by one Charlotte sportswriter who suggested that Clowney should sit. Guess today's media has to make news when there is none...

  • In what can only be described as evidence of a slow news week, WSFA news out of Montgomery decided they would put Harvey Updyke's wife Elva on the air. I don't know what was funnier here, ol' Harv putzing around the courthouse in his best jeans and clip-on tie or the fact that the news station teased this "story" as an exclusive. In any case, Elva seems to be standing behind her man. Further proof that there's someone out there for each of us, I reckon...

  • Speaking of slow news, as a sports fan I have always hated February. The NBA simply doesn't interest me at all, college basketball doesn't really get exciting until March, and real baseball is still several weeks away. Of course, all other sports are simply a diversion for me until the fall anyway. Oh, well. What are some of the things you do to satisfy your football cravings this time of year?

  • I will be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about gymnastics other than a little bit of jargon picked up while watching the Olympics, but hearing that Bama has beaten Auburn in 106 consecutive anythings warms my heart. I have really appreciated getting to read RollTideYall's coverage of our other back-to-back national champions. Roll Tide, ladies.

Have a good week, errbody.