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The Roll Bama Roll Weekend Countdown

This week, Roll Bama Roll counts down the best player names in the SEC.

Another new era dawns.
Another new era dawns.

The time has come for the addition of another recurring piece. The Weekend Countdown will be a weekly article where we countdown the top ten of... something. The topics will vary greatly, but the focus will always be on providing some lighter fare as we all welcome the warm embrace of the weekend. The topic of our first countdown: the best player names in the SEC. Enjoy!

10: Cassanova McKinzy (LB, Auburn)
He shares a name with a man famous for his legendary womanizing (foreshadowing). Just steer clear of bovines, son.

9: Corbin Berkstresser (QB, Missouri)
He's been stressin' Berks since the day he was born.

8: Ha Ha Clinton Dix (DB, Alabama)
No other name satisfies the "onomatopoeia" and "presidential scandal reference" categories as well as this one.

7: Raiques Crump (LB, Tennessee)
Everything he does is Crumping.

6: Farrington Huguenin (DE, Kentucky)
Down, Down/Right, Right, Punch.

5: Brendan Nosovitch (QB, South Carolina)
Don't get a big head about it, Brendan. I know one, too.

4: Nathan Snodgrass (LB, Florida)
His name is Snodgrass.

3: Shaquille Love (G, Kentucky)
If he isn't yet, he will one day be listed in the phone book as Love, Shaq. He should get that printed on business cards.

2: Ferlando Bohanna (LB, Miss State)
Say his name three times fast and try not end with "Fee Fie Foe Fanna".

1: Philander Moore (WR, Ole Miss)
Best. Ever. I want to meet his parents and shake their hands. It's a fun name. Even more so when you imagine a mother looking into her infant son's eyes and lovingly bestowing a name that would serve as a directive to bed as many women as possible.

Honorable mentions:

Bookie Cobbins (WR, Kentucky)
Clay Finkelstein (LB, Auburn)
Matthew Fuchs (OL, Florida)
Chandler Shakespeare (RB, Auburn)
Kelcy Quarles (DT, South Carolina)