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Bama DL, LB inactive at Combine

Injuries have taken their toll on Bama’s 2013 NFL Combine class

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

What started out as one of Bama's largest NFL Combine classes in history has been relatively quiet throughout this year's event, with many begging pardon of the NFL's coaches and scouts while mending from injuries (or subsequent surgeries) suffered during the season.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Crimson Tide was well represented (in theory), with expected first-rounder Jesse Williams leading the contingent of Bama defensive front 7 players. Filling out the group were defensive linemen Damion Square and Quinton Dial, as well as linebacker Nico Johnson.

None of the DL or LB players were able to fully participate in the Combine, though some did participate in the player interview portion of the exercise. Williams also performed in the bench press, but eschewed all other physical tests. Square, Johnson, and Quinton Dial elected against participation in the physical drills at the Combine due to lingering injuries or rehabilitation from surgery.

Williams had his eye set on the Combine bench press record prior to his day in the sun. He executed 30 reps of 225 pounds on the bench. While still a strong performance, Williams was not quite able to supersede the previous Combine record of 51 reps recorded in 1989. His efforts were good enough to leave him tied for 5th place in the Combine's bench press ratings for 2013, with SMU defensive lineman Margus Hunt leading the pack with 38 reps.

Though they were unable to show their wares at the Combine, Williams, Dial, Square and Johnson will get another shot at impressing NFL evaluators during the scheduled University of Alabama Pro Day on March 13.

Other than Williams' bench press, all was quiet on the Bama front at the Combine for Monday, February 25. Stay tuned, as DBs will work out today, with former Bama safety Robert Lester and expected first-founder CB Dee Milliner expected to participate.