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Bama Basketball Bashes Barn 61-43

Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

I know, I know. Things look kinda bleak. Saturday's 3OT loss to those other Tigers may not have been the nail in the coffin, but it didn't help our situation any, and it was certainly disappointing.

But just how bad was it?

Here's what some of the numbers say:

Vegas favors Alabama by 11 points (and yes, I would prolly take the boogs and the points if I were a bettin' man).

Our current RPI is 64 (which would have us in the NIT if the season ended today).

Joe Lunardi currently has us as one of his last four out.

Jerry Palm has us at #62 right now (which would have us in the NIT as well).

So, yeah, the odds don't favor us. They don't point to an NCAA tourney bid. Personally, I expect us to go 2-2 -- maybe 3-1 -- over the last four regular season games. Without some SEC tourney success, that record does not get us into the Dance.

But it could still happen. What if we beat AU, UF, Ole Miss, and UGA? It would get a lot more interesting. And while highly unlikely, it wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen in NCAA basketball history.

Just don't hold your breath. Or do. I'm not giving up 'til the obese dame sings.

And do, with every fiber of your being, root for us to completely demolish the Tiger team that enters Coleman Coliseum tonight. If we can't do anything else, let's avenge the ugliest loss on this team's resume...and relish the opportunity to watch the football team hold onto The James E. Foy, V ODK Sportsmanship Trophy.

Hope for the best. Roll Tide.