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Reuben Foster Announcement Open Thread

What will it be, sir?
What will it be, sir?

Alright, folks. Reuben Foster will be making his college decision tonight. Being the sad, sick individuals that we are, we immediately thought: OPEN THREAD.

The decision will air on Fox Sports South at 9 p.m. CT.

Foster originally committed to Alabama, then decommitted from Alabama and committed to Auburn, then decommitted from Auburn and will definitely, certainly stick with whatever he says tonight.


ed note:

Bammer is sick, but we have been asked to pass along the following message: know that there be zero tolerance for comments of a racist, imprecatory nature. No warnings, no time-outs, perma-ban with Ess Eee Cee speed.

These are kids: Personal attacks on young adults' educational decisions are, or should be, above us all. That said: Drink up, Gump hard and hopefully welcome this young man to the Capstone - Erik