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Poll: Recruiting the State of Alabama

Should Saban and company spend more time and effort recruiting the State of Alabama?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

About a year ago I had a conversation with a Mobile HS Football coach (no I won't reveal his name) about recruiting in the State of Alabama. His son was a highly touted recruit at the time and he alluded to the idea that there is a grumbling among in-state coaches that Saban and his staff doesn't spend enough time recruiting Alabama home grown talent and eventually this will come back to hurt Saban/Alabama's reputation.

I took this as butthurt cause his kid wasn't being looked at by 'Bama and I pointed to Julio, Kirkpatrick, CJ Mosely, Mark Barron, Nico Johnson, AJ, Fluker and many others as proof this simply isn't true; Saban routinely goes after Alabama's best and brightest.

He pointed to Richardson, Mark Ingram, the Kouandjio brothers, Landon Collins, Denzel Devall, Amari Cooper, Trey DePriest, and again, many others, as proof that a good portion of Alabama's talent comes from outside the state lines.

To his point, 15 of Alabama's current 2013 commits come from somewhere not named Alabama.

So, I'll ask you, is this a problem? Should Alabama spend more time recruiting inside the state lines of Alabama or are we perfectly OK with how our recruiting plan is going so far?