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The Roll Bama Roll Weekend Countdown

This week, Roll Bama Roll counts down the best guts in college football.

That's a lot of belly.
That's a lot of belly.
Kevin C. Cox

With all the recent Combine talk analyzing 40 times and vertical jumps, I think it's high time the big fellas got their day in the sun. Football wouldn't be football without the fat guys, amirite? Behold the top ten guts in college football:


Getty images via

10. Charlie Weis: Nobody applies pressure to khakis like big Charlie. That belt is for decoration only.


Joe Robbins via

9. Kawann Short: Don't hear much about this fella in SEC country, but his Dunlap disease is noteworthy.



8. Jesse Williams: He made the list because bammer made me put him here. It wasn't me, Jesse.


Kevin Liles- USPRESSWIRE via

7. John Jenkins: This Dawg will hunt...for french fries.


Greg McWilliams/Getty Images via

6. DJ Fluker: The man is simply a behemoth.


Mike Carter/USPRESSWIRE via

5. Louis Nix III: Sources in South Bend have confirmed that Nix swallowed Lennay Kekua. In any case, his gut tells him Alabama is pretty damn good.



4. Terrell Brown: This Ole Miss DL stands 6'11" and- wait for it- 390 pounds. Buffets beware.


Jamie Sabau via

3. Johnathan Hankins: Check out the depth of that belly button. Impressive.


via Barking Carnival

2. Phil Fulmer: Yeah he's retired. So what? It's my list and we're gonna make fun of this doughnut-addicted waste of severely stretched skin one more time, mkay?


Matthew Emmons- USA Today via

1. Chance Warmack: Am I biased? Hell yeah, I'm biased. Deal with it. Chance was Warmacking before Warmacking was cool. Gump hard or go home.

So, who did I forget?