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Your Friday Hoodoo Thread │Bammer's Apology

Bammer's attempt to appease the Football Gods in hopes 'Bama makes it out of Spring Practice unscathed...

Gumps are people too you guys.
Gumps are people too you guys.

If everything falls into place in 2013 (and that's a big IF) Alabama has a really good chance to 3-peat and the last thing we need are injuries at key positions i.e. Offensive Line, Quarter Back and Corner Back. We could probably absorb injuries at Linebacker, Wide Receiver and maybe Defensive Tackle but we are just too thin at certain positions to be able to have significant injuries and still hope to make it 4 out of 5.

So y'all know the drill. This isn't a championship game but the football gods still demand a sacrifice...

My "offering" isn't an embarrassing admission or a video of me eating some grotesque piece of meat that only third world countries deem a delicacy. BTW, If you have no idea what the following is in reference to, just move on down to the comments and post your own sacrifice..

Today, on the eve of Spring Practice, I will swallow my pride and offer up an apology. For the gods have spoken and have made it abundantly clear Gumps (as we affectionately call all ‘Bama fans) are people too. And singling them out as "below" any other 'Bama fan was a near unforgivable sin and I need to atone for these sins against my fellow man.

So, to anyone I offended, please accept my deepest, gumpest apology. My comments about "raising the standard" for ‘Bama fans were uncalled for and were indeed elitist. We are all fans of the Crimson Tide and should be embraced as such, even the crazy, slightly delusional ones. Actually, we are all crazy and proudly delusional and no one should ever feel like they are less of a fan because of it. (Beside Updyke..that guy can DIAF)

We need to Gump now, tomorrow and forever. We should teach our children the ways of a Gump and attempt to convert as many lost souls (anyone who isn't a Gump) as possible. Coexist? I think not. Do we really want our neighbors, co-workers, children or their friends to become Vawls, Barners, Aggies, or Corndogs? That's a hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy (Besides Updyke cause that guy....)

Along with my apology I lay at your feet these highlight films from the 2012 season..Gump on!

I have bared my soul and have done my part to appease the gods. Your move 'Bama nation.