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Alabama Football 1st Spring Practice Quick Hitters


Cyrus Jones working at DB?
Cyrus Jones working at DB?
John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

*Looks like Saban has made his first classic "Try a guy at DB" move of the spring today. Cyrus Jones (who is now wearing #5) and Christion Jones were both seen working at DB today, though Christion was in a white jersey signifying he would also be working with the offense. I could see Cryus playing safety with his size. I don't think most are surprised by this move considering the plethora of depth at WR and a lack of experience at DB...Still we really haven't seen much success at the "converted WR playing CB" to date. We'll have to keep an eye out to see if this sticks or just another experiment by the coaching staff.

*The surprise (not a big one tho) was that Dee Hart was also seen getting work at CB. This could be seen as attempt to get him reps somewhere since we are loaded at RB but many think it could be a way to get him "contact" before moving back to RB. Saban is known to have guys, who are tentative coming back after an injury, play CB to get them use to taking and giving contact. This is one we will just have to wait and see...

*Xzavier Dickson was working at DL not LB. If this is true I guess Devall and Johnathan Allen have been progressing at outside linebacker. I like the idea of having Dickson working at DT. His size and agility could work really well.

*Kenny Bell looked to be running at full speed. DeAndrew White, Jalston Fowler and CJ Mosley were all in black no-contact jerseys. That last one is a little disconcerting..

Jersey numbers for early enrollees:

Derrick Henry #3, Luke Del Rio #14, Parker McLeod #15, Cooper Bateman, #18, Raheem Falkins #80, O.J. Howard (periods) #88, Leon Brown #72, Brandon Hill #73.

We will have more tomorrow after Saban's post practice presser.

Link to video of practice