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Crimson Tide Jumbo Package │03.19.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes. Now with commentary!

Kevin C. Cox

What's the mood of the Alabama basketball team? See for yourself |

Junior guard Trevor Releford says he didn't even watch the NCAA tournament selection show.

Personally, I like that the team looks pissed off and even a little bored with the idea of playing in the NIT. Alabama basketball may not be Duke or Kentucky, but should they (we) be excited to play in the NIT? I think we've gotten to the point under Grant's regime where more is expected. The question is how much time will Grant be given to make significant improvements?

C.J. Mosley says Alabama's Derrick Henry looks like 'a bigger version of Trent Richardson' |

"We were talking about it on the sideline, me and a couple of the players, how Henry looked like a bigger version of Trent Richardson," Mosley said Saturday.

What a terrifyingly, awesome statement and even more telling coming from a senior. Gotta admit, while watching Henry in drills he sure looks the part. We will have to see how long it takes him to pick up the offense but he could very well be the #2 back behind Yeldon come September. I wonder though, where does Kenyan Drake fit into the mix?

Can’t We Get All Alabama Football Fans Declared Legally Insane? « Above the Law:

Harvey Updyke’s behavior can’t possibly be given the same deference as the overtly political actions of Gregory Johnson. Or can it? I don’t think there’s anything more political and tribal and important than sports. Harvey Updyke may be claiming mental defect, but the only defect I can see in his box-shaped head is one of loving too much. Loving his team and showing that love by an act so brazenly stupid, no one could possibly mistake the message.

It's not a stretch to say Updyke is insane, and to be completely honest, I can't wait for the day when that guy is no longer associated with Alabama fandom. There are a lot of good people who are also 'Bama fans and I for one am getting really tired of getting lumped into the same pile as idiots like him. We may all be Gumps but I refuse to be called an Updyke.

Alabama QB AJ McCarron reflects on productive offseason |

"I don’t believe in trying to set out goals, trying to chase them, stuff like that," McCarron said Saturday. "I just go out every day, try to play to the best of my ability, do my job, do what coach asks me to do. If the goals come, great. If not, I’m here to win. "I want to win as a team. I want to win national championships. I’m not really worried about individual stuff."

Good to read some strong leadership type statements coming from our senior QB. Lord knows we'll need him to lead the offense. We've always said Alabama isn't about individual awards like the Heisman, but AJ has a pretty good shot at one if he continues to improve on his Junior season. I don't think it is necessarily wrong for players to want individual glory, as long as the team comes first.

Alabama 2013 spring practice report: Day 2 |

Xzavier Dickson, who worked with the defensive line Saturday, was back with the outside linebackers today.

Kind of a boring news days when it comes to Spring practice yesterday. No Saban press conference, no media viewing and no major events at practice. I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about in the coming days but for now there isn't much.

I pulled a couple interesting thoughts from the article above.

  1. It was good to hear that Jarrick Williams looks to be fully recovered and isn't wearing a black no contact jersey. Wonder where he will end up in the Safety rotation?
  2. Watching tape from practice 'Bama truly looks like an NFL team, especially on the offensive and defensive lines. Our CB's are a little thin but this is a mans team. I remember OTS's commenting on how physically impressive the '08 team looked...Five years later and our jaws are still dropping. Kings to you Coach..
  3. I find it idiotic that the NCAA regulates how many practices a team can have in shells before moving to full pads. You'd think they'd have bigger issues to deal with and just let - VIDEO: 3/18 Practice Highlights - Leon Brown is a rather large human being. I'm excited to see him on campus so early and hopefully he can make a push for the starting Right Tackle position. Obviously, I'd rather not have a "freshman" (JUCO Junior) start out at RT but he looks to have all the physical attributes needed. Yes, JUCO O-lineman have worked out for us in the past but wouldn't you much rather have a guy who's been in the system a few years?