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Nick Saban Press Conference 3/20/13

Nick Saban speaks on March 20, 2013.
Nick Saban speaks on March 20, 2013.
(Vasha Hunt)

Nick Saban addressed the media Wednesday afternoon. He discussed spring practice, and took an opportunity to thank Mal Moore for his contributions to the University and the opportunities he provided Saban and the football program. Saban made a point to emphasize that the decision of who will be the next athletic director is not his to make, though I doubt anyone believes that his input will not be sought out, and most likely heeded. He also basically removed himself from consideration as the next athletic director, in case any of you had visions of Bear Bryant dancing your heads.

Quick recap of what was covered:

  • On team performance - Saban seems pleased with the effort and mental state of the team. Young players are learning, and more experienced players are growing into leadership roles. Most telling, though, is what Saban didn'tsay. There were no complaints about senses of entitlement or really any negative comments about the team's mentality at all.
  • On the offensive Line - the main focus right now is not necessarily in placing players or working on developing cohesion, but rather the focus is on identifying the five best players and evaluating different combinations of players on the line in a variety of arrangements. There are currently six or seven guys vying for the three open positions on the line.
  • On Mario Cristobal - Energy is great and the players like him, but the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. Saban is looking for consistent results over the long haul so a thorough evaluation at this point is impossible.
  • On CJ Mosley - CJ is participating fully in all drills, minus the contact.
  • Most importantly, there haven't been any significant injuries. Let's keep it that way.

Full press conference video below: