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The Maybe Not For Long Jumbo Package │03.21.13

Your daily dose of Crimson Tide related links and quotes.

HEY! Who picked out this blue tie?! I SAID CRIMSON!
HEY! Who picked out this blue tie?! I SAID CRIMSON!

Bammer- Today I have asked one of our basketball writers, Jeremy_RBR to add his thoughts after Alabama's win against Northeastern Tuesday night. Enjoy.

3 points the morning after Alabama's 62-43 NIT victory over Northeastern |

It’s a shame hardly anybody was there to see it. The announced crowd was 2,889. That might have been the smallest announced crowd at Coleman Coliseum since 2,619 saw the 1991-92 season opener.

Jeremy- Is there a bigger way to say "Duh"? We came out on all cylinders to take a 16 point lead late in the first, but, predictably, went into sloppy mode producing an offensive drought that has become expected of this team. Thankfully we were able to right the ship and win convincingly but it came against a very mediocre opponent. It's encouraging, to me at least, that Grant recognizes this as a microcosm of the season, and the players seem frustrated by the Tide's inability to put together a complete game.

As for the attendance, it's not a concern to me. Disappointment in the season + Tuesday night NIT game against a vastly inferior team right before spring break - I don't see an issue. I'd expect to have a solid crowd for the game Saturday against Stanford.

Levi Randolph reignites Alabama in NIT-opening victory over Northeastern |

Alabama (22-12), one of four No. 1 seeds in the 32-team field, will play host to Stanford in the second round at 11 a.m. CDT Saturday. The Cardinal defeated Stephen F. Austin 58-57 on Tuesday at home in the first round.

Again, the key theme is inconsistency and anyone with a basic fundamental understanding of basketball has been screaming this all season. During these offensive droughts we take poor shots, rush our offense, and turn down our defense a notch. This team is loaded with solid talent and if we can consistently put together a 40-minute game, we'll make major waves.

I'm enjoying watching Randolph play. He's exciting and as the season has progressed it appears he has become more comfortable taking over and his shot selection has improved. I expect him to step into a leadership role next year with Steele leaving

Alabama's next opponent in the NIT will be Stanford; game set for 11 a.m. Saturday |

The Cardinal holds off Stephen F. Austin in a first-round game at home.

Stanford isn't their usual NCAAT-quality team, but we will need to cut out our mid-game drought (or at least shorten it) if we are going to win this one. We need to get deep in the NIT to end the season on as high a note as possible, as our expectations for 2013 will be much greater than the results of this season.

Nick Saban Press Conference - Roll Bama Roll coverage

Report: Ozzie Newsome not expected to leave Ravens for Alabama AD job |

"That's not even close," Newsome said. "Really, I enjoy the guys I work with and I think we have a great staff. I really, really enjoy the players and my relationships with them, and that helps me in coming to work every day. Of course, winning helps, too."

Bammer- I said on twitter yesterday I did not believe Newsome was or is coming to Alabama. He's been a part of the Raven organization, in some form or another, since the 1970's. Yes, Alabama has a rather large gravitational pull but is the University of Alabama Athletic Director position > than a two time Super Bowl winning General Manager position in the NFL?

Nick Saban on Alabama's next athletic director: 'That's not my decision' |

Badgers football: UW to play Alabama in 2015 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

The Badgers will open the 2015 season against two-time defending BCS champion Alabama.

Bammer- When will the Big 10, ACC, and all of college football learn to stop scheduling Alabama to open the season? They must really like getting embarrassed on national television by them "no good hicks" down in Alabamer..

University of Alabama's Mal Moore: Six decades in Crimson (timeline & photos) |

Baseball Defeats Samford 15-7 in Mid-Week Road Game -

Tide swimmers take on the NCAA championships

Bammer- SWIMMING NASHUNAL CHAMPS! (well maybe not yet but this would be pretty sweet. Now we just need to the win the Chess BCS Title and our troll of the nerds in the Big 10 will be complete)

Alabama football: AJ McCarron sounds more than ready to take on role as leader among leaders -Columbus Ledger Enquirer